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Sofy History

Unicharm’s sanitary products have evolved for over 50 years to fulfil the needs of women. We are diligently committed to reduce any discomfort and ensure a secured feeling during the course of menstruation through our advanced technology.

  • 2014

    Launched “Chao shushui anxin ku” in China

    A shorts type sanitary napkins preventing night leakage from all sides

  • 2013

    Launched “Koudai mofa” in China

    Palm sized napkin convenient for carrying. With fragrance.

    Global: Acquired Myanmar Care Products Limited

  • 2012

    Launched “Chao shushui chaobao sui xin fan” in China

    A slim napkin with security of an overnight pad

    Launched “Tanli tieshen jibao 0.1” in China

    The thinnest supreme napkin of UC

  • 2011

    Launched “Hadaomoi Ultra Slim”

  • 2010

    Global:Launched “Sofy” in India

    Global:Founded consolidated subsidiary in Egypt

    Global:Acquired Vietnam hygiene products manufacturerDiana Joint Stock Company

  • 2008

    Launched “Sofy Kiyora”, a panti-liner

    Absorbs vaginal discharge and sweat with three-dimensional surface shape, reducing the stickiness. It will keep your skin and underwear clean.

  • 2007

    Launched “Hadaomoi” using the newly-developed surface sheet

    The original new surface sheet for the sensitive skin reduces menstrual blood that touches the skin to protect the skin from irritation

    Global:Launched Sofy in Saudi Arabia

  • 2005

    Launched “Sofy Body Piece”, the next-generation feminine care product

    A body-wearing type leads to a revolution in conventional napkins

    Launched “Sofy Body Fit Fuwapita Slim”, the slim type with new texture and perfect fit for bodyline

    New type slim napkin that is slim but puffy in the middle

    Global:Established LG Unicharm Corporation, in South Korea

  • 2004

    Launched unique-shaped “Sofy Wide Guard”

    An unique ultra-long napkin covers your hip and fully guards shorts to prevent leakage

  • 2001

    Launched “Cho Jukusui Guard”, to support your good night sleep

    An overnight napkin with a back-fit stopper prevents leakage from behind and turns your insecure night into secure one to support your deep sleep

  • 1998

    Global:Launched “Charm” in Indonesia

  • 1997

    Launched “Body Fit for Light Flow/Day”, a likely but never-seen-before napkin

    With a napkin made from customer's wish to forget about menstruation during light periods, you’ll forget you have it on

    Global:Launched “Sofy” in Singapore

    Global:Launched “Sofy” in Malaysia

    Global:Launched “Sofy” in China

  • 1995

    Launched “Bodyfit”

    A napkin with three-dimensional cushion structure to fit body

    Global:Launched “Sofy” in Thailand

  • 1993

    Launched “Sofy Sara Side Gathered”, with three-dimentional side gathers

    A napkin with three-dimensional gathers at the sides to prevent leak

    Global:Launched “Sofy”in Taiwan

  • 1991

    Launched “Sofy Sara Super for Night”

    The first overnight napkin with "hip guard" on the back in the shape of a spreading fan, to prevent leakage on days with heavy flow

  • 1990

    Launched “Sofy Sara Wing” to meet with the changing needs of women

    A napkin with wings made from women's intent to be active even during heavy periods without concerning leakage from sides covers sanitary shorts and prevents leakage

  • 1988

    Launched “Sofy Sara”, a new-material napkin with a revolutionary absorbency

    A new-material napkin made from customer's dissatisfaction with slow absorption realizes fast absorption and smooth texture that conventional non-woven types (cotton) couldn't have provided

  • 1982

    Launched “Sofy”

    The brand “Sofy” exists for quite a long time

  • 1980

    Launched “Charm Soft Tampon”

    Absorbs menstrual blood directly

  • 1976

    Launched “Charm Nap Mini”, a slim type napkin

    A slim napkin made from customer's voice that “pads are too thick and hard to use”

  • 1972

    Launched “Charm Nap Mini” to make you feel secure at night.

    An overnight napkin to guard leakage from behind with a single pad.

  • 1963

    Commenced manufacture and sale of feminine napkins