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Sofy Antibacteria

Prevents leakage with no worry about smell

Sofy Antibacteria Prevents Leakage with Deep Absorbent Sheet 7 Pads at Rs.59


AntiBacteria Extra Long 290 mm

This napkin keeps you completely safe from leakage & smell on your heavy days.

New Sofy AntiBacteria with DEEP ABSORBENT SHEET that prevents leakage and gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria that causes smell.

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Sofy Antibacteria Overnight XXL 5 Pads at Rs.78

AntiBacteria Overnight

AntiBacteria Overnight 350 mm Long

Worried about back leakage and unclean feeling that interrupts your sleep at night?

Women need extra protection at night so that they can sleep peacefully and when they wake up there is no stain on their clothes and bed sheet. So they can have a clean, confident and fresh start to their day.

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Sofy Green Antibacteria Pantyliner Sheet with fragrance for non period days - 18N

Pantyliner AntiBacteria

Pantyliner AntiBacteria 155 mm

Even during our non-period days, there are times when all women have vaginal discharge. SOFY Pantyliner AntiBacteria gives women a clean and confident feeling without the need to worry about smell, even on non-period days. It has a green antibacterial sheet which gives you 99.9%* protection from bacteria.

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