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SOFY AntiBacteria Super XL+

AntiBacteria SuperXL+ 323 mm

This napkin keeps you completely safe from leakage & smell on your heavy days.

New Sofy AntiBacteria with DEEP ABSORBENT SHEET that prevents leakage and gives you 99.9% protection from bacteria that causes smell.

So you have the confidence to fearlessly chase your dream!

  • Wing/Non Wing : Wing
  • Thickness : Slim

Available in

Super XL+

This Napkin is 323mm super XL+ length which provides extra protection from leakage.

Deep Absorbent Sheet

It absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top sheet visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage.

Hygiene & Herbs

This Napkin has natural Herbs. it also has an Antibacterial sheet which gives 99.9% protection from bacteria for a long lasting hygiene.

Ultra Slim & Gentle to Skin

This Napkin is thin & gentle to the skin for no usage feeling.

Perfume Tree Fragrance

For fresh and confident feeling