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SOFY Cool Extra Long

Sofy Cool Extra Long 290 mm

This napkin has a deep absorbent sheet that absorbs till the last layer and helps in keeping the top sheet visibly clean. SOFY Cool is available in two sizes – Extra Large and Super XL+ sizes to ensure extra protection from leakage.

So with SOFY Cool, say fresh & cool even on your period days.

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Sanitary Pads with menthol freshness

Menthol Fresh

Menthol Fresh gives a fresh feeling!

Sofy Cool deep absorbent sheet with coolpad technology Sanitary Pads

CoolPad Technology

Unique coolpad technology with menthol fresh for a cool & fresh feeling during periods.

Cool Water Fragrance sheet gives you cool & fresh feeling
Cool Water Fragrance

Cool Water Fragrance

Fragrance that gives you cool & fresh feeling

Women feeling of coolness & freshness during your periods.
Deep Absorbent Sheet

Deep Absorbent Sheet

It absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top sheet visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage.

Women feeling of freshness absorbs flow with Absorbent Sheet till the last layer during your periods.
Extra Long & Extra protection from Prevents Leakage

Extra Long

Extra protection from leakage

SOFY Cool, say goodbye to the warm, stuffy and sticky feeling during Summers.
Sofy Cool Super XL Ultra Slim with Comfy Dry Cover

Comfy Dry Cover

Napkin is thin & gentle to the skin for no usage feeling

Cool Sanitary Pads Ultra Slim with Comfy Dry Cover


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