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SOFY Soft Tampons - Super

Super For Heavy Flow

Thanks to Sofy Tampons, now you can spend even your menstruation days like any and every other day in your life. A perfect choice for active, modern and sporty girls, Sofy Tampons provide you with the much needed comfort you have always craved for. The Sofy Tampon Super is specifically designed for women and girls who have a heavy flow during their periods.

Tampons are products designed to absorb the menstrual flow by insertion into the vagina during menstruation.

  • Usage : For Heavy Menstrual Flow

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Sofy Super Tampons Long Lasting Absorbency upto 8 hours

Long Lasting Absorbency

The Sofy Tampons have a finger sized absorbent core having the capacity to absorb upto 8 hours of menstruation flow*

*Remember to not use the tampon for longer than 8 hours.

*As menstrual flow varies from person to person, be sure to change your tampon according to your menstrual flow.

Try! for outstanding Comfort with sofy Tampons

Freedom from stuffiness and discomfort

Our tampons provide absorption in an extremely sensitive area of your body, so there are no worries or discomfort when it comes to problems like stuffiness during use.

Freedom From Leakage with Sofy Tampons
Tampons Easy to Use with Applicator

Easy to use with applicator

The applicator on the tampon is made of a soft material and has a rounded tip which helps it to smoothly glide into the vagina without you having to put in a lot of effort. Also, a portion of the tampon is transparent to make it easier for you to see the tampon string.

For fresh and confident feeling
Sofy Tampons Super Easy 3 simple steps Application in heavy flow

Hygienic to use

Easy application in only 3 simple steps. No discomfort even during use!

Sofy Soft Tampons gives freedom from leakage

How to Use

  1. Insert the rounded end of the applicator into the vaginal opening ensuring that the string is left outside
  2. Once the top half of the applicator is fully inside, push the applicator handle in. This will help in placing the tampon securely and in the right place. Pull out the plastic casing.
  3. When you have to change the tampon (which should be done before 8 hours), pull out with the help of String. The V Shape it takes makes removal easier


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