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SOFY AntiBacteria Extra Long

AntiBacteria Extra Long 290 mm

SOFY AntiBacteria 99.9% keeps you safe from leakage & smell caused by bacteria.

New SOFY AntiBacteria 99.9% has a Deep Absorbent sheet that absorbs flow till the last layer thus preventing leakage.

It also has Natural Herbs that cover unpleasant odour to give you no worry of smell.

So you feel safe & hygienic all day long to confidently fulfill your dreams!

  • Wing/Non-Wing: Wing
  • Thickness: Slim
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Prevents Leakage

It absorbs flow till the last layer which keeps the top sheet visibly cleaner and hence prevents leakage.

Hygiene & Herbs

This napkin has natural herbs. *It also has antibacterial sheet, which gives 99.9% bacteria protection from Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albicans for long lasting hygiene. (According to 3rd party laboratory examined data)

Comfy Dry Cover

ULTRA SLIM WITH Comfy Dry Cover Napkin is thin & gentle to the skin for no usage feeling.

Sofy Bodyfit Sanitary Napkin Gentle to the Skin


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