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Managing Period At Your WorkPlace: A Complete Guide

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It’s a Monday morning, you are super swamped with work with meetings queuing one after another and top it all. The not-so-pretty period has made it a day early and now you’re wondering if it’s just a bad day or a bad life. That’s pretty much what it feels like […]

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

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Ways To Prevent Vaginal Infections And Odor Problems

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Hello ladies! Let’s talk about hush-hush things that happen to our vaginas that are supernormal and perfectly natural. Yes, that’s right! We’re all a little guilty of being uncomfortable and awkward when it comes to talking about vaginal infections or addressing vaginal odor issues when it’s completely natural for it […]

Food & Nutrition

4 Effective Ways to Manage Bloating During Periods

Bloating is a very common symptom that women often struggle with during their menstrual cycles. You may experience bloating during the first day or two of your periods. However, the bloating symptoms go away once your menstruation is over. While it might not be possible to prevent bloating completely, you […]

3 Foods to Eat for a Healthier & Happier Period (Edition 2)

It’s quite hard to predict how you will feel during your periods. Irrespective of your age and lifestyle, you might have felt uncomfortable during that time of that month. While sanitary hygiene products are important, eating right is crucial to enjoying a healthier and happier period. Many women suffer from […]