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5 Bloody Good Books To Read About Periods And Hormones

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Have you ever wondered about the lack of conversation in our society around periods and female hormones and felt mad about it? Have you ever felt the need for education around menstruation? Did you ever curse the system for not including subjects catering to period and period hygiene in the […]

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Covid-19 Vaccination And PCOS: Everything You Need To Know

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As the pandemic races past us even this year, false claims around the vaccine does not seem to be falling behind. While we understand the uncertainties for an illness that’s still showing its colors but spreading false information is a habit that’s too common for comfort. Since the whole vaccination […]

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Menthol: The Magical Herb For Period Relief.

Yes, it is that time of the month, when you’re irritable, mood swings are worse than ever before and discomfort level is at its peak. Why? Because you’re on your period again. In the middle of summer and with a pandemic raging outside. As the pandemic peaks, sitting through the […]

How Do Cherries And Other Random Things That You Didn’t Think Of Help With Menstrual Cramps?

If you’re a ‘desi’ girl, chances are that you’ve pretty much looked for and tried every ‘nuskha’ available in your matriarchal kitty. From ‘Haldi ka Doodh’ to ‘Adrak ki Chai’ to bingeing on chocolates to drive the period pains, cramps and more away. And these things indeed do help, barring […]