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Food & Nutrition

Period Cravings: 3 Wholesome Dessert Recipes to Enjoy During your Period

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Do you find yourself munching on anything chocolate during your periods? You are not alone! We are here to share some wholesome and delicious recipes to satiate your sweet tooth cravings during your periods. Ditch the sugary snacks and refined carbohydrates and make these wholesome recipes to enjoy anytime. Check […]

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Period Snacks 101: A Guilt-Free Guide to Healthy Snacking

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Period cravings are real and there’s no need to feel guilty about wanting to snack more during that time of the month. Instead of eating unhealthy snacks loaded with refined flour and sugar, we have a healthier approach to snacking.  Healthy snacking can help you not only to satisfy those […]

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5 Natural Ways to Deal With Stress During Periods

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A majority of women experience some sort of stress or anxiety before and during their periods. Along with other menstrual symptoms like cramps, bloating, constipation, cravings, stress can be an added woe! How stress affects your body during periods? When you are under stress, the body produces more cortisol a.k.a […]

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3 Major Period Cravings and How to Deal With It

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Even before it’s that time of the month again, do you start thinking about food and what you want to eat? Well, you are not alone! Period cravings are a real thing and all menstruating women experience them to some degree. Changes in estrogen and progesterone can cause cravings for […]

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4 Nutritious Breakfast Recipes to Have During Periods

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When you think about period cravings, the first thing that comes to mind is usually chocolate followed by donuts, burgers, fries, chips, and such! The reason we crave these comfort foods during periods is to distract us from the period cramps.  Instead of reaching out for the sugary nibbles and […]

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