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Period Guide

How Best to Avoid Period Leakage During Nighttime?

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No leakage period pads are life savers. Waking in the middle of the night to change a leaking pad is not unpleasant. Therefore, opting for a pad that is right for your flow is necessary. A long-period pad is a great idea to keep yourself comfortable throughout the night. A […]

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Tips for Buying Sanitary Pads for the First Time

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Buying a sanitary pad is not going to be the easiest of all tasks, especially if you are planning to buy them for the first time. It is always a good idea to interact with an adult or someone who has bought them before. If you are a first-time sanitary […]

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How Frequently Should I Change my Sanitary Napkin?

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Our flow dynamically varies for every woman and depends on age, body fitness, the period timeline, genetics, and a few other factors. Everyone experiences light days as well as heavy days, and the most important parameter to decide the frequency of changing pads. During the initial few days that are […]

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Why Extra-Large Pads are Ideal?

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It is no secret that each one of us experiences periods differently and must look for a sanitary pad that fits our unique needs. However, one rarely ever misses the mark with an extra-large sanitary pad. For all the times that you experience heavy flow and are afraid of period […]

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Why and When to go for an Ultra-Thin Sanitary Napkin?

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We know and have experienced how common period leakage is, especially during the initial heavy flow days. Coupled with everything else that a woman goes through during her period, period leakage can be a real nightmare. This is why finding a sanitary napkin that works well for you is essential. […]

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