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Period Guide

Staying Fit On Your Flow

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Your menstrual cycle is a natural and integral part of reproductive health, yet it often brings with it a range of physical and emotional challenges. So, taking care of yourself during this time is pretty important. SOFY shares a few easy tips to stay healthy and happy during periods. Stay […]

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How To Pick The Perfect Pad For Yourself

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Regular periods are a sign of a healthy body, but discomfort and inconvenience come with it. Fear of leakage and irritation can disrupt your peace of mind. Moreover, it leaves you feeling drained. Not to worry. Choosing the right pad for yourself can help you regain that peace. And SOFY […]

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How To Deal With Period Leakage?

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Periods are a fact of life, but dealing with unexpected leaks and stains can be frustrating. They always seem to show up when we least expect it! While doing extra laundry isn’t exactly fun, there are some helpful products out there to tackle those annoying period stains. So, you can […]

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First Period? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Sanitary Napkins

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We’ve all been there, staring at the grocery store shelf, wondering which one to pick, and then later trying to figure out if we’re wearing them correctly. So, if you’re about to have your first period or have just had it, we know how confusing this time may be. Well, […]

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Panty Liners: Best Mate for Hassle-Free Days

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You know that feeling when we are done with our heavy flow days and are simply awating lighter flow? The last few days of your period is not when you want to wear pads again. That’s where panty liners come in to help. Pantyliners are also lifesavers for days when […]

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