Period Guide

Managing Period At Your WorkPlace: A Complete Guide

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It’s a Monday morning, you are super swamped with work with meetings queuing one after another and top it all. The not-so-pretty period has made it a day early and now you’re wondering if it’s just a bad day or a bad life. That’s pretty much what it feels like […]

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5 menstrual practices to adopt during periods

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Period, we all have them and we all deal with them but are we taking enough care of our vaginas all this while? Well, let’s assess that together. With the lack of menstrual hygiene awareness and education, most of us are either confused or unaware about what goes in and […]

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5 Bloody Good Books To Read About Periods And Hormones

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Have you ever wondered about the lack of conversation in our society around periods and female hormones and felt mad about it? Have you ever felt the need for education around menstruation? Did you ever curse the system for not including subjects catering to period and period hygiene in the […]

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Covid-19 Vaccination And Periods: Myth And Facts

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We’ll perhaps never understand that a normal physiological process be shuffled across so many misconceptions, just as if it is folklore. Menstrual cycles are harrowing enough for a lot of us, considering it’s almost equal to letting our guards down. From being prey to spiritual biases for ages to being […]

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5 Things You Must Avoid If You’re PMSing

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Yes, it’s that time of the month again! When you are quickly irritated and inexplicably sad at the same time. When you crave carbs and also worry about your face breaking out in an angry swarm of acne. When it feels like you are blinking away tears at the cute […]

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