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Period Guide

Which Is the Right Pad for Sensitive Skin?

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You browse through everything on the label while choosing your skin creams and shampoos. But why not when it comes to your sanitary napkins? It’s really not your fault. Most of us ladies never received proper education about which pads are right for our skin type. But it’s important to […]

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How to Have Sound Sleep on Your Period

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Here’s a question. How many of you like to wake up to your bed stained? How many of you like to wake up in the middle of the night just to change the pad because the one you had felt wet and uncomfortable? Let us guess. None of you do. […]

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4 Ways Tampons Can be Lifesavers

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What’s your period like? Do you have easy period days that last less than 5 days? Or do you often wake up to sheets that resemble a crime scene? Either way, when it comes to periods, pads are the first choice that comes to our minds. However, there are so […]

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How To Use Tampons

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There was a time when only women who knew about tampons were the ones who either had relatives or friends staying outside India or the ones who themselves returned after studying or working abroad. But now times have changed. Many women and it won’t hurt to say men too know […]

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Choosing The Best Sanitary Pads

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The ‘one size fits all’ logic doesn’t work when it comes to sanitary pads. What might suit your friend might be uncomfortable for you. Your friend may not experience heavy period flow, but you may. Every woman is different and so are their preferences. That is why sanitary napkins come […]

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