Period Guide

Menstrual Myths And Their Truth

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Menstrual myths are steeped in history, most of them are actually based on valid concerns held at that point, turned sour by the more patriarchal puritans of the time. Most major faiths have put a negative spin on menstruation, making it a time and symbol of impurity in women. The […]

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Bathroom Habits during Periods

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We all must have experienced a change in the digestion process during menstruation. Period poop is a real thing — all the girls and women feel a change in the consistency and the frequency of the poop. Apart from this, getting diarrhoea or constipation is also normal. Read below to […]

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Benefits of using a hot water bottle to treat period cramps

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Girls experience severe period cramps occur because of an excessive amount of prostaglandins present in the body. Prostaglandins are compounds which are released during the shedding of the uterine lining. Period cramps are usually experienced in the abdomen, thighs and the back. Prostaglandins support the uterus to contract and relax […]

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First period while travelling: What Precautions to Take

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When we get our first period, the immediate thought that crosses the mind is how will things be managed? The first period is often associated with cramps in the lower abdomen, breast tenderness, lower backache, dizziness, etc. It takes time for the period to get stabilised — the first one […]

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Why Does One Crave Sugar During & Before Periods?

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PMSing brings with it mood swings, acne, abdominal bloating and food cravings (especially sweets). Hormonal fluctuations, changes in the blood sugar level and a condition of lack of nutrients can trigger a craving for sweets in the body. The craving for sweets starts with the fluctuation in estrogen and progesterone […]

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