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Let’s Talk: Vaginal Discharge Post Pregnancy

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The female body is no less than a pandora’s box. From hideous erogenous zones to delivering a baby, it’s all about unraveling a mystery. One such mystery that many of us haven’t come across yet or might be experiencing at the moment is postpartum vaginal discharge a.k.a lochia. Vaginal discharges […]

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Can you get pregnant on your period?

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Whether you are contemplating the pros and cons of period sex or have made up your mind to give it a try, there is one aspect you should give attention to well in advance, and that is pregnancy. If you do not have any plans of getting pregnant anytime soon, […]

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Different kinds of Postpartum Pains and how to deal with them

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It is absolutely normal for a new mother to experience different types of aches and pains after having delivered her baby. But despite the fact that for most women these pains do subside after some time, a lot of women do continue to experience them for months on end, post […]

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Changes in periods post-delivery

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Periods after delivery change in females and the return of periods depends if the mothers are breastfeeding or not. For mothers who do not breastfeed post-delivery, the return time is expected to be six to eight months. If the child is only being breastfeed, then the mothers might not receive […]

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Vaginal spotting and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy brings with it physical changes as well as emotional changes. Spotting during pregnancy is not an uncommon issue and most women experience it. The colour of vaginal spotting is pink, red or dark brown and the discharge happens in traces/drops. It is known for a fact that nearly one-third […]

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