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Things to carry when you are on your period

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Dealing with that time of the month for any woman can be difficult, no doubt, but a few things can actually make a huge difference when it comes to making your periods easier to deal with. Being prepared for the arrival of your menses when you are on the go […]

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How to select the perfect pad for yourself

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Selecting the right pad for one self may require a few trials and errors so you are able to reach a consensus as to which you are most comfortable in and along with comfort, which offers you the best protection. What one needs to remember however is that you should […]

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You’ll Have A Giggle With These Myths About Tampons!

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You’ve heard them time and time again. Your aunt, elder sisters and even your mom (Let’s not even talk about the men right now) avoid talking about tampons as if you just enquired about robbing a bank. If it were up to them, robbing a bank is probably better than […]

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Think Tampons Are Hard To Wear? Let’s Make Them Easy

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You’ve heard about them in hushed conversations all around you. Your friends & colleagues have been talking about them. You know you ought to give tampons a try because of the good things you’ve heard. But before you buy tampons, you should know how to wear them so that it’s […]

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Pantyliners Are Important In More Ways Than You Know!

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Phew! Your periods are finally over. You breathe a sigh of relief; you don’t have to worry about them for the next 3 weeks (Buh bye pads, until next time!). But there still is a form of white discharge coming from your vagina every day and ruining your panties. Your […]

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