Period Hacks

7 tips to excel at your work during periods

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Wouldn’t it be great if we had a technology that could help predict our exact monthly period date? It would save us from so much trouble. Running about looking for a sanitary napkin or tampon when you realize that your monthly period just started at the most unwanted time and […]

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Breeze through your periods by tracking your menstrual cycle

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We really don’t look forward to the monthly flow, but keeping track of the menstrual cycle can help manage periods and the PMS symptoms better. Really, it’s possible. Technology can indeed be used to empower ourselves and make things simpler and smooth. So get a period tracker app now and […]

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5 Reasons Why Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle Is A Good Idea

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We all experience menstruation differently, while some tend to have lighter and shorter periods others may suffer through heavier and more prolonged days of bleeding. For people all over the world, menstruation is still something of a mystery. Some months your periods can be heavy, crampy nightmares, while in other […]

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5 perks of Sofy’s Cool Pad Technology

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Going out on period days isn’t that simple. You are constantly worried about leakages and the cramps with the stabbing pain, make you want to get into the bed and watch Netflix all day long. Well, you wish…. What if there was a napkin that would make all your period […]

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Why should you switch to a Super-thin pad this summer?

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It is challenging to keep your cool when it’s getting steamy hot outside, and on top of that, you get your periods. During the menstrual cycle, the hormonal changes decrease your body’s temperature tolerance, and you might feel hot and sweaty, and more so in summers. Most of the sanitary […]

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