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Period Hacks

Natural Pain Relief During Periods

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Periods never come alone, do they? We’ve all experienced the mood swings, cravings, bloating, irritation and cramps that it brings along. But we don’t have to just grin and bear with them. During these days women can follow certain tips to soothe their discomfort. There are various methods you can […]

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Period Hacks for Working Women

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Just 10 minutes left for the big presentation and boom! Your period unexpectedly knocks at your door. We have all experienced times when periods arrive at the oddest times. Nagging body pain, piercing cramps, a roller coaster of emotions, and the most annoying of all – unexpected stains! Thankfully, there […]

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Home remedies for Endometriosis

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Endometriosis is essentially a disorder faced by many women that affects their reproductive organs. The disorder results in the growth of tissues that resemble those in the uterine lining in various other places in the body. Called the endometrial tissue, they tend to grow and develop in the bowels, bladder […]

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3 Comfortable Bottom Wears that you Will Love to Wear During Period

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There’s nothing more comfortable to wear during your period than soft bottom wear. This is not the time to put on those lace panties instead have a set of underwear that is soft and snug.   Concerned about spotting or leaking in your favorite panties when your period comes unannounced? Use […]

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Period Hacks: Use these Tips to Feel Better During Period

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A feeling of discomfort often goes hand in hand with the period. From bloating to cramps to emotional outbursts to PMS, every woman experiences these to some degree during their periods.  This can often be challenging and hinder your daily activities. We understand this and that is why we created […]

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