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Period Hacks for Working Women

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Just 10 minutes left for the big presentation and boom! Your period unexpectedly knocks at your door. We have all experienced times when periods arrive at the oddest times. Nagging body pain, piercing cramps, a roller coaster of emotions, and the most annoying of all – unexpected stains! Thankfully, there is a way to manage them all and still win big in the boardroom.

Here are some tips to give you more control of your periods.

  • To reduce menstrual cramps, you can place a hot water bottle on your lower abdomen and lower back.
  • When you have to go to work on your periods, dress comfortably if you can.
  • Light exercises or a relaxed light dance on your favorite track will help you forget your period pain.  
  • Get good-quality sanitary pads and tampons. Brands like SOFY offer a range of period products that come in different sizes and are perfect for working women. SOFY sanitary pads that will keep you odor-free and stain-free at the workplace for a longer time.
  • We know you crave some junk during periods, but that will worsen your menstrual cramps. Try to grab some fruits and veggies that are low in sodium and not processed. If you crave something sweet, you can have some dark chocolate.
  • Ensure that your workspace has a period kit ready. Talk to your HR and create a common period kit for the office.

The strict Nos

We have talked about what to do during periods. Now, let’s talk about what not to do.

  • Say no to caffeine: Coffee can be very tempting when you are working until late. But if possible, try to avoid it as it will make you feel dehydrated and enhance period pain.
  • Do not wear a sanitary pad or a tampon for more than 6-8 hours. It can cause various infections as well as skin rashes.
  • Do not skip meals: During your periods, skipping meals can lower your energy levels and make you feel lethargic and tired.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Do whatever makes you happy. Talking to your favorite co-worker and taking the days a little easier will help you ace the job.

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