Menstrual Problems

How to care for dry mouth and puffy gums during periods

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Menstrual cycle comes with its own set of symptoms and physical conditions every month that are hard to withstand some times. There are some common symptoms like cramps, soreness in the breasts, an aching back and thighs, mood swings, fatigue and so on. But, have you ever wondered why does […]

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Lifestyle Changes for treating Endocrine Disorders

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PCOS and PCOD are lifestyle disorders which can be treated with some alterations made in the lifestyle and diet. Girls suffering from PCOS/PCOD often face issues with reproduction, reduced ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles and high levels of testosterone hormones. This disease also increases the risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular […]

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Relationship between anemia and Periods

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To analyze and comprehend the relationship between heavy periods and Anemia (if they have any), it is important to find out what anemia actually is and what triggers such a condition inside the body.   Anemia is a condition in which the blood has deficient amount of hemoglobin or healthy […]

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How do cysts affect the menstrual cycle?

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One can describe ovarian cysts as sacs that are present in the ovaries that contain fluid inside them. Where most cysts have fluid inside of them, some also happen to have tissues. More often than not, ovarian cysts do not essentially bother anyone much as they are merely the size […]

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Relationship in between an enlarged uterus and pain during menstruation

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Pregnancy leads to an increase in the size of the uterus and makes it grow into the size of a watermelon. Apart from this, there are certain health issues which are responsible for the enlargement of the uterus of women. The symptoms of an enlarged uterus are heavy bleeding accompanied […]

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