Menstrual Problems

6 Reasons Why Your Period Might Decide To Come A Little Later Than You Anticipated

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If you’re a female, chances are that you’re not particularly fond of the hormonal fluctuating that you go through every month. Especially the part where you face cramps, headaches, nausea, and bleeding. On the other hand, they are a constant reminder that your body is doing just fine and that […]

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What Is Endometriosis?

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We all live in a world where talking about female reproductive health issues and diseases are more or less a taboo. So, more often than not we rely on the internet to get more information. While our mothers and sisters are great sources of knowledge, information, tricks, and tips, sometimes […]

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Hacks to treat dizziness during Periods

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Dizziness brings with it feelings of lightheadedness, unsteadiness and a false sense of motion. Sometimes the feeling of dizziness can persist for a longer time or can vanish within a few minutes. Health conditions such as fainting, irregular heartbeat, headaches, vision loss, etc. are clear indications of a person experiencing […]

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Not so common period concerns.

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We all have heard about the PMS symptoms and the changes which happen inside our body during menstruation. Problems like menorrhagia, endometriosis, anaemia, etc. are being talked about often. There are a few period problems which are major and need attention for the good health of girls. Below are a […]

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Avoiding yeast infection during periods with Sofy Cool

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A yeast infection happens when Candida, a fungus, commonly found in the vagina overgrows. If you have weak immunity or diabetes, are on antibiotics, or have a hormonal imbalance, you are more prone to getting a yeast infection. Also, during menstruation the fluctuating hormones can disturb the pH balance in […]

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