Menstrual Problems

Avoiding yeast infection during periods with Sofy Cool

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A yeast infection happens when Candida, a fungus, commonly found in the vagina overgrows. If you have weak immunity or diabetes, are on antibiotics, or have a hormonal imbalance, you are more prone to getting a yeast infection. Also, during menstruation the fluctuating hormones can disturb the pH balance in […]

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Bid Goodbye to Period Rashes with Sofy Cool

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A healthy lifestyle and the right sanitary napkin for your period days are the keys for an irritation-free period. Having a nutritious diet and an active life helps to keep PMS symptoms at bay and ensures that you have pain-free, regular periods. A sanitary napkin with superior absorbency that prevents […]

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Periods and Spotting: What’s The Difference?

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Has it ever happened to you that you’ve gone to the bathroom for the regular old natures’ call, and as you sat down you noticed a red (or brown) stain on your underwear? And you think damn, Aunt Flo’s here. But wait a minute, the period isn’t due for another […]

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Having periods twice in a month: Causes and Treatment

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When females are experiencing bleeding after they have received their first period, it is important to check if it is menstrual bleeding or spotting. One can differentiate with the color of the discharge since spotting is dark red/brown and menstrual blood is bright red in color. If the bleeding is […]

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What is Menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and ways of treating it.

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Normal blood loss during menstruation is approximately 30-40 milliliters, but it may be up to 80 milliliters in certain women. In a female suffering from menorrhagia — the blood loss can be more than 80 milliliters. Menorrhagia is a menstrual disorder which leads to prolonged and heavy periods that can […]

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