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Exercises You Can Try To Treat Irregular Periods

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Periods make you go “Why?” Irregular periods will definitely make you go “Why Me?”. It certainly is a cause for concern when your periods aren’t regular. But there is nothing to worry about as long as you consult a doctor on time and try a few remedies at home.

There are many ways to go about treating irregular periods. Your diet is definitely important and so are your workouts. You can try out a few workouts that can work really well when it comes to your irregular periods.

One of them surely is Yoga. Stress is one of the major reasons why your body goes through hormonal imbalances and results in irregular periods. Yoga aims to relieve you of that stress with some really easy poses. Let’s list out some of them here.

Vajrasana: Vrajasana cures acidity and digestion problems. It strengthens the pelvic region, cures urinary problems and irregular periods.

Baddhakonasana: Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a serious issue if not dealt with on time. But you can use yoga as a great way One of the best Yoga poses to cure PCOS naturally is Baddhakonasana. It’s a very effective pose that stimulates your abdominal organs as well as reproductive organs. It is super helpful for women who are pregnant and helps in easing childbirth.

Pranayama: Yoga breathing exercises regularly releases stress, tension, depression, and anxiety which is a major cause of hormonal imbalances and PCOS. Pranayama boosts your immune system and improves the function of your heart, liver and various other organs.

Endorphin release and pressure on your abdomens are essential for your body. So it’s super important that you get a lot of physical activity. Believe us it helps in dealing with your irregular periods. Here are a few exercises that you can try:

Crunches: Crunches are really helpful when it comes to getting your periods on time. Just like any other abdominal exercise, crunches help in creating pressure around your abdominal area and help you in getting your periods on time.

Squat Jumps: Both squats and squat jumps are effective for your periods. However, jumping squats put the additional pressure on your abdomen resulting in you getting your periods faster.

Standing Twists: Standing twists stimulate the pelvic muscles to break free and help you get your periods faster.

Spot Jogs: Spot jogs are an effective trigger for menstruation. Through spot jogging not only the blood circulation to the lower abdominal section of your body is increased but it also stimulates the hormones that regulate menstruation.

Run, squat, go for CrossFit, get some Yoga done, and get moving because moving de-stresses you. When the stress is gone, your irregular periods go poof!