5 yoga postures which are great for teenage girls

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Puberty can be tough. Your body is suddenly changing, and your mind needs time to cope up with the new things. It can get overwhelming. Having someone to share your thoughts and doubts with, someone to confide in, a friend, parent, or sibling can be beneficial. And if you are […]

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Why does one undergo weight loss during periods?

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Most of us start gaining weight before and during the periods due to water retention but there are certain girls and women who lose weight. During menstruation, the metabolism speeds up and symptoms of PMS start dominating the female bodies because of which a temporary weight loss occurs. Below are […]

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How Do Periods Affect Athletes In Competitive Sports?

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They say that women can’t do everything that men can. It’s true, we don’t deny it. But the same applies to men as well. Men most definitely cannot do what women can and that includes the monthly cycle that women have pretty much got down to pat. But what about […]

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Exercises That You Should Do When On the Period

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Periods can be unbearably painful for some women but that should never stop you from working out. Simple, yet effective exercises can not only help you stay fit but will also help in easing down the cramps that you might get during periods. Exercising during periods are highly recommended because […]

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How to Stay Fit during Periods?

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Periods tend to slow things down for women and staying fit during periods is a really tough job because all you want to do is lie on the bed and eat comfy food. But that doesn’t really help with staying fit all around right? It’s true that exercising during periods […]

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