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5 Best Exercises & Streches to do During your Periods

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Whether you experience painful periods or not, gentle exercises and stretches can help your muscles to relax during your periods. While you don’t want to strain yourself during the menstrual cycle but you can do some light exercises. Here are some aerobics and gentle stretches to try out during your […]

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PMS Symptoms and Exercises: Good or Bad?

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Exercising on a regular basis is important to keep you healthy, fit and away from serious diseases. It not only keeps your weight under control but also gives your emotional health a boost. It is always better to start your day with at least a 30 minute workout to jumpstart […]

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Yoga Poses to Ease Back Pain during Periods

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Menstruation brings with it severe cramps and pain in the back and abdomen. Menstrual pain arises in the body because of the release of prostaglandins chemicals from the tissue lining of the uterus. These chemicals lead to the contraction of the uterus muscles causing pain. These chemicals are also accountable […]

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5 yoga postures which are great for teenage girls

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Puberty can be tough. Your body is suddenly changing, and your mind needs time to cope up with the new things. It can get overwhelming. Having someone to share your thoughts and doubts with, someone to confide in, a friend, parent, or sibling can be beneficial. And if you are […]

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Why does one undergo weight loss during periods?

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Most of us start gaining weight before and during the periods due to water retention but there are certain girls and women who lose weight. During menstruation, the metabolism speeds up and symptoms of PMS start dominating the female bodies because of which a temporary weight loss occurs. Below are […]

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