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5 Best Exercises & Streches to do During your Periods

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Whether you experience painful periods or not, gentle exercises and stretches can help your muscles to relax during your periods. While you don’t want to strain yourself during the menstrual cycle but you can do some light exercises. Here are some aerobics and gentle stretches to try out during your period: 

  1. Walking
    A brisk walk is one of the best exercises to do during your periods. This low-intensity aerobic exercise helps in cardiovascular health, relieves muscle cramps. So, put on your favourite sneakers and go for a walk at a nearby park or walking trail.
  2. Running
    While it may sound ironic, light jogging and running for shorter distances can be good during the last days of your period. Start with a gentle walk for 15 minutes and then run for 2 minutes. Limit your running for a maximum of 15 minutes during your periods. Always warm up with some stretches before you start running.  
  3. Pilates
    Pilates is more gentle to do during menstrual cramps. Check out these three pilates exercises to do during your periods:
    Pilates Lunges
    Pilates Seated Side Bend
    Rolling down the wall
  4. Stretches
    Instead of just rolling on the bed, gentle stretches can help relieve painful muscle cramps, release endorphins, and make you feel better. Start with stretching the back, sides, neck, arms, and legs. Always do gentle stretches and stop whenever you feel pain. 
  5. Strengthening Exercises
    During your periods, you can do some core and ab strengthening exercises. You can do a bridge or pelvic lift and hold for 15 seconds for ab strengthening. Side plank is another great exercise to do during your period.

While you want to do some exercises, you certainly don’t want to overdo it! Avoid high-intensity workouts, heavy weight lifting, or any strenuous exercises during your periods. These exercises are not only fun but also help to relieve pain related to menstrual cramps during your periods. 

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