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3 Comfortable Bottom Wears that you Will Love to Wear During Period

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There’s nothing more comfortable to wear during your period than soft bottom wear. This is not the time to put on those lace panties instead have a set of underwear that is soft and snug.  

Concerned about spotting or leaking in your favorite panties when your period comes unannounced? Use Sofy Antibacteria Panty Liner just before and after your period. Here are the best comfortable bottom wears that you will love wearing during your period: 

  1. Cotton Briefs
    Stock up on a few of these cotton boxer briefs for women, which give full coverage and is comfortable to wear. You will enjoy these soft cotton briefs in your favourite colours. These briefs are best to fit Sofy Antibacteria Pads during the days of your period. 
  2. Cotton Shorts
    You need to have a few of these shorts to put on during your periods. Enjoy wearing shorts without worrying about leaking when you use Sofy Bodyfit Extra Long Pads
  3. Hipster Panties
    During your period, you might want to avoid wearing thin lacy underwear. Instead, get a few of these hipster panties in your favourite colours. Hipsters are a great choice of undergarments for women especially during that time of the month. These panties give full coverage and are comfortable to wear at all times. These panties are great to wear if you are wearing high-waist jeans or trousers. 

It is a great idea to set aside a batch of these bottoms reserved for use only during your periods. In that way, you can wash and clean these panties separately. For the ultimate comfort, you can wear cotton pants with a t-shirt during the days of your period. No matter what your style is, get this bottom wear today for a hassle-free period. 

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