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About First Period

First Period in School – Dos and Don’ts

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Getting your first period can be a perplexing event. It can leave many of us overwhelmed. An even more overwhelming scenario would be to get your first period in school. You’re in class. Suddenly, you notice a bloodstain on your skirt. What do you do? Being prepared for your period […]

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How long does the first period last + how much time does it take for the first period to get stabilised

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When a girl receives her first period (menarche), the flow is usually heavy for the first few days and lighter towards the end. The first period can last for two days or for maximum of seven days, and in certain cases, there is no bleeding but only blood spots. The […]

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5 First Period Stories

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We asked a few women about their first period stories to figure out if everyone goes through the same thing. Turns out, there are some instances that have happened with quite a few, while there are others that are a little on the once in a blue moon spectrum. From […]

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First period while travelling: What Precautions to Take

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When we get our first period, the immediate thought that crosses the mind is how will things be managed? The first period is often associated with cramps in the lower abdomen, breast tenderness, lower backache, dizziness, etc. It takes time for the period to get stabilised — the first one […]

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Symptoms of a girl’s first period

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Girls commonly get their periods by the time they are 11 or 13 at the most, but the age bracket of 9 to 16 is also a likely time to start. Every girl is different, and so is her age of reaching puberty and getting her periods. There are however […]

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