About First Period

Dealing with first-period pain

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We are sure that a majority of women/girls remember the exact moment or place that they got their first period, and we also understand that it might not have been the most pleasant experience that they might have had. Being prepared about the ins and outs of their first period […]

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Here’s How You Know If Your Periods Are About To Start

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Did you ever end up with the feeling that life was perfect till about a few days ago when everything started going spectacularly wrong? Yes, it’s a feeling we all go through, mood swings, cramps and what not. It’s completely normal. There’s nothing to worry though. It’s just your periods […]

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Your Daughter’s About To Have Her First Period. What Do You Do?

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Your darling daughter is growing up. She’s just turned 10 and is just a few years away from her teens. You decide that it’s time to have the talk, and why not? It’s better to be prepared when periods decide to finally introduce themselves to your daughter. Yes, it’ll be […]

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