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Importance of emotional support for your girl during her first period

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Your girl’s puberty is an emotionally charged stage in her life during which she needs all the support she can get from her parents/guardians. Talking to your daughter about her first periods might be tricky, but it is a talk that needs to be had.

The importance of emotional support can never be emphasised enough and this is what will help you convey all the changes that her body will undergo prior to her getting her first period. She will have many questions during this time, so try answering them.

There are a few things that you need to talk to her in particular about:

  • Make her understand what a period is and why it is important in her life
  • Tell her how often and for how long a period will last
  • Also try telling her that if blood is involved, it does not mean that it will hurt and that she should not panic.
  • The chances that she might face cramps during her periods are always there, so also try telling her that some pain might be involved, but make sure to tell her what the pain might feel like and why it might pain her.
  • Make sure that she knows that she can come to you in any case, whether she has any questions that she might want to be answered.
  • Try to ease your daughter into the conversation. These talks might sometimes get awkward, but when you make her feel comfortable with the changes her body is going through, then the chances of her feeling more comfortable talking about it are higher
  • You also need to tell her what to do when her period arrives and what the purpose of pads are
  • She also needs to know how to use a pad and how to dispose of it.
  • Keep emphasising on the fact that she can come to you without even thinking twice about it.
  • The time her period finally arrives might be a stressful one for her, so make sure you are by her side or are guiding her through the whole process one way or the other
  • Do not force your girl to talk to you, she needs to feel comfortable enough to come and talk to you.
  • All you can do is give her assurances.

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