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Is exercising during periods safe?

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In one word, Yes, but it also depends on the kind of exercises you are indulging in. It might be difficult for you to imagine working out during your periods, let alone it being good for you. But trust us when we tell you that the right kind of exercises, when done during your periods, can truly leave you feeling healthier and happier and more comfortable for sure.

There are benefits that exercise provides you with during your periods when done in the right manner.

Fights Pain:

  • Helps during the time you are having particularly painful periods.
  • Painful periods are commonly known as dysmenorrhea and can be quite uncomfortable
  • However, the good news is that light exercises like walking can actually help reduce the discomfort and pain

Improves Mood:

  • When you exercise during the time of your periods, the circulation in your body increases for the better
  • This, in turn, helps tremendously in improving your mood.

Decreases symptoms of PMS

  • Regular exercise, prior to the start of your cycle and during it as well, has been known to reduce various PMS symptoms like mood swings and tiredness or fatigue
  • Aerobic exercises are the best bet when it comes to picking a workout routine that helps you do just this.

Exercises that can be done:

  • Light walking or cardio
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Light strength training

Exercises to avoid:

  • Cut back on endurance training
  • Skill training
  • Intense cardiovascular training

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