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Natural Remedies to curtail heavy periods

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Periods are by themselves extremely irritating to say the least, but the worse case scenario is when one has to suffer from extremely heavy periods. Menorrhagia, which is a term used to describe heavy periods, is something a lot of women suffer from.

The good idea first off, if you do suffer from unnaturally heavy flow during your periods, is to visit your doctor to rule out any issues like hormonal imbalances or uterine conditions. If all this has been ruled out and you are still suffering from a heavy-flow, then a few natural remedies might just do you good.

Vitamin A:

  • Women who experience heavy bleeding are usually deficient in omega 3s and vitamin A
  • Consuming a supplement like cod liver oil which consists of both these nutrients can actually help a woman tremendously during heavy period flow

Vitamin C:

  • Research has shown that close to 90% women who consumed Vitamin C during heavy periods, experienced relief from the heavy flow
  • Other than this, vitamin c also plays an important role in iron absorption, a nutrient which has the tendency of running low when a women is suffering from heavy period flow


  • Including turmeric in your daily diet during periods could very well have beneficial effects for women who are going through heavy periods
  • Since turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, it can help effectively during heavy flow
  • Turmeric is a safe ingredient to use, and something that can be used on a daily basis without having to worry about side effects  

Other food products:

  • Banana Flower – known to reduce heavy bleeding during periods
  • Red Raspberry – astringent properties that helps calm muscles and thus reduce cramps
  • Cinnamon – reduces insulin resistance in women
  • Coriander seeds – balances female hormone
  • Cold Compress – ice can help constrict blood vessels which might be leading to heavy bleeding. When constricted, the blood flow too becomes lesser.

Sometimes, everything you need to deal with a certain situation, especially one that involves heavy periods, can easily be found in the comfort of your home itself. Just keep looking and researching.

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