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Super Affordable Panty Liners That Work Like A Charm

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Life’s little leakage doesn’t always call for heavy-duty protection. That’s where panty liners shine. These small and thin pads offer everyday comfort and confidence, all at a budget-friendly price. First, let’s explore why panty liners deserve a permanent spot in your drawer. Keeps You Fresh and Dry Vaginal discharge is […]

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The Best Night Pads

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SOFY believes that nothing should get between a girl and her beauty sleep. But during periods, a few things can pose a challenge like: Constant Fear Of Leakage: Regular pads often lack the capacity and coverage needed for nighttime, leading to constant worry about leakage and stains. Irritation And Discomfort: […]

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Natural Pain Relief During Periods

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Periods never come alone, do they? We’ve all experienced the mood swings, cravings, bloating, irritation and cramps that it brings along. But we don’t have to just grin and bear with them. During these days women can follow certain tips to soothe their discomfort. There are various methods you can […]

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First Period 101: A Teenager’s Guide to Navigating Menstruation

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Everything in life becomes a little easier when we have proper knowledge about it. The same goes for menstruation. The right information will not only help them make the right decisions regarding periods, but it will also teach them that it’s just a normal part of life. According to some […]

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Menstrual Cycle and Your Hormones: Understanding the Connection

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What is menstrual cycle? So, picture this: you’re a uterus, and you’re feeling all sorts of things. Every month, you prepare yourself for the possibility of hosting a tiny little guest, a.k.a. a fertilized egg. You line your walls with blood vessels and nutrients, just in case. But alas, the egg […]

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