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The Best Night Pads

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SOFY believes that nothing should get between a girl and her beauty sleep. But during periods, a few things can pose a challenge like:

  • Constant Fear Of Leakage: Regular pads often lack the capacity and coverage needed for nighttime, leading to constant worry about leakage and stains.
  • Irritation And Discomfort: Using thick bulky pads during periods at night makes you feel uncomfortable and scratchy. Plus, you might spend all night adjusting and changing them, which leads to annoying nights.
  • Hassel Of Midnight Changing: When you wear regular pads at night, you might need to change your pad in the middle of the night, leading to disruption in your sleep cycle.
  • Embarrassing Mornings: Leakage can lead to stains on your favourite pajamas, leave you feeling self-conscious, and also add unnecessary laundry to your morning routine.

So, what’s the solution? SOFY has an array of pads perfect to keep these woes at bay!

1.SOFY AntiBacteria Overnight

Say bye bye to nighttime period worries with SOFY’s AntiBacteria Overnight pads! These 350mm (XXL) pads boast deep absorption and wider hip guards for better protection, no matter how you sleep.

Plus, the unique green sheet offers 99.9% bacterial protection from E. coli, S. aureus, and C. albicans, keeping you hygienic and fresh all night.

2.SOFY Bodyfit Overnight

SOFY Bodyfit Overnight sanitary pads are 420mm long (XXXL) and have deep absorption properties to prevent leakage. They also have wider hip guards to cover your panty from the back and prevent back leakage at night. This means you can sleep peacefully all night long and wake up feeling refreshed and chirpy.

So, keep your snooze game strong with SOFY night sanitary pads. Get them online from the website or head over to your nearby medical or retail store and see the difference yourself.

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