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How To Pick The Perfect Pad For Yourself

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Regular periods are a sign of a healthy body, but discomfort and inconvenience come with it. Fear of leakage and irritation can disrupt your peace of mind. Moreover, it leaves you feeling drained.

Not to worry. Choosing the right pad for yourself can help you regain that peace. And SOFY can make finding it super easy. Just make sure to keep these things in mind:

1.Know Your Flow

Your flow intensity is the first and most crucial factor. A thin, regular-sized pad works for light flows. If it’s on the heavier side, opt for a pad with higher absorbency. Take into account these factors – <//p>

  • Length: Different women have different body shapes and flow levels. Choose a pad length that provides adequate coverage without being bulky.
  • Width: A wider pad offers better side coverage and leakage protection, especially for women with wider hips.
  • Absorbency: Good absorption capacity keeps you feeling fresh without that icky feeling.

2.Material Matters

Comfort is key, especially during your period. Look for pads made with soft, breathable materials like cotton. Don’t use pads infused with harsh chemicals as those can irritate your skin.

3.Wings For The Win

Wings provide extra security and help keep the pad in place, especially during movement. If you lead an active lifestyle or experience leakage from the sides, you’ll need sanitary pads with wings. Fortunately, all of SOFY’s pads come with wings, so no matter what you choose, you’ll get superior security and fit.


Most women experience odour and dampness during their periods. So, it is essential to choose pads with an antibacterial formula and with herbs. SOFY AntiBacteria pads come with herbs and antibacterial properties that provide 99.9% protection from bacteria while keeping you feeling fresh and hygienic all day and night.

5.Easy Disposal

Along with helping you feel clean and comfortable all day, the perfect pad should also be easy to dispose of hygienically. Choose pads that come in individual wrappers for on-the-go disposal.

A pad that ticks all these boxes is the SOFY Anti Bacterial pads, which is available for both day and night use. With CurveFit technology, these pads hug your curves, providing a comfortable, leakage-proof fit. Whether you have a heavy or light flow, these pads are superheroes and ensure expert period hygiene. Get your SOFY antibacterial today and feel as free as a bird.

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