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Menstrual Cycle

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We believe in living life with abundance and enjoying each moment of life to the fullest.
Here’s a glimpse into our joyous little world!


Sofy Conversations - Sing along

Sofy Conversations - Poetry Slam

Sofy Conversations

Sanitary Napkin

Introducing Sofy Cool | #SwitchToCool

SOFY | Bhumi Pedneker | #SwitchToCool

Namrata Purohit | #KeepITCool

New SOFY AntiBacteria

Sofy AntiBacteria

Ask About AntiBacteria

SOFY AntiBacteria

Sofy AntiBacteria - Get closer!

SOFY AntiBacteria - Love Story

SOFY AntiBacteria - Love Story Part 2

Sofy Tampons

How to wear a Tampon

Sofy Tampons - #EmbraceTheNew

Sofy Tampons - #EmbraceTheNew

Sofy Pantyliner

Pads vs Pantyliners

Sofy Pantyliner - How's your Day?