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SOFY Period Education

Let Knowledge Be Your Period Guide!

Periods Everything you need to know!

Periods are a sign of the amazing power nature has gifted you with. It is the start of your journey to womanhood and will be your monthly pal all through your reproductive years.

Periods are a sign of growing up. When you hit your teens, you experience changes in your body. Your hormones are getting your uterus ready for conception when you have reached adulthood. During this stage, the shedding of the uterine lining takes place. This is what you call ‘chumming’, a natural cleansing process that happens every month. As a result, bleeding from the vagina will occur. This can also be accompanied by stomach cramps or nausea. But it is important to realize that periods are a natural rite of passage for young girls on their way to adulthood.

Own periods like a queen and keep shining through those days because that is all we want for you! 

period knowledge
menstrual education
Period Education
menstrual hygiene education

Menstrual Practices for A Happy Period!

  • Always be ready with a go-to kit having your sanitary care products ready before the periods.
  • Protect yourself with high-quality sanitary pads and change them as per the recommended 4-6 hours else it can spread infections.
  • Try to stick with one product of sanitation, If used together they might invite bacteria and causes infections.
  • Make sure you clean V zone after every washroom and use in the right manner that is vagina to the anus not vice-versa.
  • Use branded  products like SOFY’s pads, tampons and pantiliners.
  • Dispose your sanitary pads or products in the right way.


Here is quick step-by-step usage of Sanitary Pads

Please Remember!

  1. We understand that the awkwardness that one feels when wanting to discuss their period is one that society has imbued in us.
  2. There is nothing to be ashamed or shy about.
  3. Be open to discuss your periods with your peers, parents and teachers.
  4. The more knowledge you gain from them, the better prepared you will be.

Let us be your period guide

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