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Help her understand the first period!

Being a mother comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One of them includes helping your daughter through her puberty. We know that this can seem daunting, but without your guidance, she will only end up confused and ill-informed.

Prepare your child for menstruation

  • Explain what is menstruation?
  • Mensuration can begin at 10-15 years.
  • Prep your daughter at early stage.
  • No infobesity. Smaller, frequent talks are better than long ones.
  • Answer every question openly, No questions? Be the conversation starter.
  • Reassure your child that it’s normal to feel apprehensive about menstruating.

What your daughter might be feeling?

As puberty comes calling, your daughter’s peers will talk with each other. Curiosity is natural, so any information that might come across your daughter, she might believe. This is how misinformation can spread. Follow-up on all the pieces of information she receives daily and correct the pieces you know are not factually correct. Empathy is important.

Remember what it was like for you, and you will understand what she might be feeling.

  • Clumsy as her body is changing.
  • Anxious as body insecurities increase.
  • Resistant to talking.
  • Awkward about starting a conversation.
  • Confused about what information to believe.
  • Feeling Sad in many situations.
  • Getting hyper due to acne
  • Moodiness
  • In pain due to cramps.

How to start the conversation

We know this can be tricky, but if you get awkward about it, your daughter will feel even more awkward. So relax, and start the conversation casually but with a firm hand. Remember, your daughter is going through hormonal changes, so approach the topic empathetically.

A few tricks up your sleeve:

Begin by asking your daughter whether she has heard about periods or puberty. Let her tell you what she knows and make sure you correct any misinformation.

Must convey facts

The body transformation

As she gets older, her body changes to help her have a baby when she is an adult

The changes

These changes include the body readying the uterus, the place where the baby will grow

The period occurance

Every month, if there is no baby, the uterus walls will shed and will cause slight bleeding from the vagina.

How to make her feel safe:

You can make her feel calm and comforted by conveying a few things to her.

  • Mensuration is a perfectly normal part of growing up
  • Importance of expressing herself to you whenever she feels nervous/anxious or scared.
  • Let her know that her favourite female celebrity also gets periods
  • Tell her about your experience. She will come to you more willingly in case of questions

Signs to anticipate periods:

You need to prepare your daughter so that she can recognize the signs of her first period approaching.

Stomach cramps:

A pressing pain in the lower abdomen area could be a sign of an approaching period

Bloating/Weight gain:

Do her jeans start feeling tight all of a sudden? This could be because of the bloating associate with an approaching period.


Nausea can also be a sign, particularly if your daughter isn’t eating anything unusual

Mood swings:

Feeling anxious, sad or suddenly bursting into tears could be an indication that your daughter’s periods are approaching.

The Paraphernalia

In order to help your daughter have the best transition from a child to a young adult, it is important to educate her about the paraphernalia of the period world. These products will help your daughter become more comfortable with the process as a whole and will help her stay prepared too.

The paraphernalia she ought to know about:

Sanitary pads:

Sanitary pads should be a staple in any and every period kit. But it is important that you show your daughter how to use the pads properly


The second best sanitary product that can help your daughter feel more comfortable are tampons. As a mother, you need to remember to tell and show your daughter how tampons work.


Pantyliners make for a great product to use when one’s periods are new. Make sure you tell your daughter about them and help her understand how and when it can be used.

SANITARY CARE advises your daughter should know!

Once you have battled through the ‘important talk’ stage, it now comes down to conveying the importance of hygienic sanitary practices.

Importance of sanitary products

Make sure you emphasize the importance of sanitary products from reliable and good brands. The right period products can truly help your daughter feel confident and supported

Choosing the right brand and its products

Because of the kind of variety in the market, choosing the right kind of pad or tampon for your daughter is easier. Pick ones that are best suited for girls beginning their first periods.

Feel free to consult a doctor anytime!

She can consult a doctor freely in case of unhealthy period days and if she is facing uncommon issues. Seeing a doctor at the right time is at most important.

Change Pad Regularly

Sanitary products need to be changed frequently upon using. This will help her maintaining hygiene particularly during her periods.

How to dispose?

Ensure that you demonstrate the proper way to dispose off pads, tampons & pantyliners which helps her as well as people nearby staying away from getting infected. 

Mothers play a crucial role in helping young girls transition from childhood into adulthood in the smoothest way possible. Communication is key. Always remember to keep the communication channel open, come what may.


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