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We know you have lots of queries around menstruation and menstrual products. Get all your queries answered on Menstrual Hygiene, Sanitary Care and How Sofy Helps? in this section. Have a great period!

How to select the sanitary pads for periods?

Selecting sanitary pads requires a little research. You need to understand your body type and amount of blood flow to select the most suitable. Skin-friendliness is another factor to consider. Since the vaginal part remains damp for most time.

Sanitary pads or napkins are the easiest to use. Tampons and menstrual cups require you to give time to your body to adjust to them. So, if you are free, going to be at home and have time to experiment, try to learn to use tampons and menstrual cups. These, too, are effective but may need practice. As a beginner, you can use sanitary pads for quicker solutions.

Sanitary pads prove to be an environmental hazard if disposed of carelessly. It is your duty to keep the environment clean and healthy. Hence, dispose of the sanitary pads only after covering them and in dustbins. Never flush them in toilets as these can clog the pipes. Also, search for biodegradable sanitary pads so that these don’t add to the waste-fills of the city.

The first thing to consider is absorbing capacity. Since the very purpose of a sanitary pad is to absorb the blood and discharge fluids, it should absorb everything to perfection. Also, you must change these often to avoid leakage.

Secondly, look at the design. The design should cover the panty surface correctly and should not go sideways while working or changing to sides while sleeping. It helps have leakage-proof experience and stain-free surroundings.

Thirdly, look for skin-friendly product and the something that has the ability to cover bad smell. Since the sanitary pad will be in direct touch with the vagina and skin of inner thighs, it should be soft and infection-proof. Else, it may cause pad rashes.

Use sanitary pads that fit your body type and complement the blood flow amount. Change sanitary pads at least 4 times a day or more if the blood flow is heavy. Fix the sanitary pad properly to panty to avoid leakage. Discard the used sanitary pads responsibly in dustbins with a lid after covering them.

Of course you can! The sanitary pads are meant to keep you active and live a normal life even during periods. Just be sure to change them as per your blood flow while you are away from home to avoid staining clothes or fabrics you come in contact with.

There are easy ways to cover the stain like wrapping the jacket along the waistband. You can also keep a spare panty with you if you are going to work outdoors for longer hours. It may help you change the stained panties and continue to work.

No, usually it can’t! The tampon comes with a string that remains outside the vagina and allows you to pull it out easily. However, you must not forget to take the tampon out of vagina else it may get stuck. You may need to visit a sexologist to get it removed if it gets compressed at the mouth of vagina. Don’t worry, it rarely happens!

It depends upon the design and material of the sanitary pad. If you feel that only one sanitary pad is not going to be enough, keep checking the pad in case its about to overflow and change frequently . However, if the sanitary pad has good absorbing material, it may not be required.

Vaginal discharge may happen due to any reason other than menstruation. Sofy panty liners are made for absorbing those discharge fluids. You can use them for a clean and fresh experience. You can also use them for pre & post period days to prevent spotting /keep panty clean from staining due to spotting .

What is menstruation?

Human body prepares for pregnancy every month. Uterus builds a lining as a part of preparation. When pregnancy does not occur, this uterine lining is shed off along with blood through the vaginal path. This process is called menstruation.

Menstruation is a sign of puberty. You can expect it to start anywhere from 10 years of age to 16 years. If periods don’t start even after completing 16 years, you may need medical help to diagnose the issue.

Several physical and psychological changes happen in the body when it develop towards adulthood. These changes are characterized by development of reproductive organs, change in height and weight, etc. It is called puberty.

You can buy sanitary care products like Sofy Antibacteria and Sofy Bodyfit to stay clean and fresh during periods. Also, there are products like panty liners available that help you absorb vaginal discharge that indicates that periods are around. You need to mark the date on the calendar when the first period occurs to prepare for the following months.

Menstrual Cycle can be 25 to 35 days long normally. So, you can expect the period to come every 25th to 35th day from the first day of the last period. Also, bleeding may last 3 to 7 days. In most cases, it continues for 5 days.

Wash yourself often or wipe the private part with toilet paper every time you go for a to pee. Change panties immediately if it is stained. Take 2 showers at least to feel fresh and clean, and to get relief from cramps. Use best-quality and skin-friendly sanitary pad or panty liner with good absorbing capacity. You must change sanitary pads 4-5 times a day. Most importantly, don’t throw away used sanitary pads in the open and uncovered. Dispose them properly in dustbins after covering them with tissue paper or any rough use paper.

Missing a period can be a sign of pregnancy if you are sexually active. Else, absence of period may be indicative of hormonal deficiency in the body. You may need medical help if the blood flow is scanty, or too much, or for quite long. Also, absence of period may require hormonal balancing through injection or tablet depending upon the severity of the situation.

Females continue to have periods till 50-55 years of age. However, it depends on the woman. Sometimes, family history and the onset of periods determine when the menstruation process will end.

Menstruation indicates that the female body is ready for reproduction. Females produce eggs and the release of eggs from ovary to uterus is called ovulation. When the egg does not fertilize, the uterine lining which is built up by the uterus to hold the fetus sheds off. It marks the start of menstruation when it happens for the first time. The ending of menstruation is called menopause. It is a fact that females are born with eggs. When no eggs are left, the process of menstruation stops.

No, periods can start even during the night. If you are fully sure of your period start date, or know symptoms when it is around, you can start sleeping with a pad on to avoid staining of cloth or bed linen while sleeping.

Why is Sofy the best choice for sanitary care products?

Sofy has been making the best-quality sanitary care products for the last 50 years. The years of experience and knowledge of women’s sanitary care needs across the globe has given it the expertise in these products. The brand advocates use of earth-friendly material in making sanitary napkins. All these features make Sofy the best choice.

Sofy has a distinct range of products for night use. Sofy Bodyfit Overnight and Sofy Antibacteria Overnight are the options that prove to be of great use in managing calm and comfortable sleep even during periods.

A few days before and after the bleeding phase, vaginal discharge is common. If you find that smelly too, it may cause discomfort. Also, these discharges may leave white spots on panties. Hence, to absorb these fluids, Sofy has come up with non-period days products. These are called panty liners and may be useful to women who need them due to demands of a medical condition that worsens vaginal discharge.

Sofy products are meant for women of all body types. If you are the one with a bulky body, you may use XXL and XXXL variants available in Bodyfit Overnight, Antibacteria Overnight, Antibacteria Super XL+ and Antibacteria Extra Long product range. These can help you have a leakage-proof experience.

The design of Sofy products is such that its wings cover the panty surface that is most likely to get exposed to menstrual fluids completely. Also, these stick to the panty securely due to the extra power adhesive layer provided on the pad. Sofy tampons, too, take the shape of the vaginal path perfectly and soak up all fluids with no chance of leakage. Thus, you can be doing whatever you want without worrying about leakage by using Sofy sanitary care products.

Yes, you can find a Sofy pad priced as low as Rs 25 for a 7-pads packet. Also, Sofy comes up with multiple offers from time to time to help you save on cost.

Sofy is going to stay with you in all phases of your life. Whether you have just started having periods or are a mother to a growing daughter, or experiencing menopausal symptoms, you can find Sofy products suitable for your varying needs. The design of these products make them fit for working women and those who have an active lifestyle. Sofy sanitary pads are equally suitable for young girls, middle-aged women and seniors. These are also good for night and day use.

Sofy has a wide range of versatile products too. You can find here sanitary pads, tampons and panty liners required for various purposes and lifestyles. You can select the product as per the night use and day use requirements.

Also, you can purchase them for testing by buying 6 or 7 pad packs or go for bulk purchase with a 48-pad pack.

Products are also differentiated on the basis of features like leakage-proof, irritation-free, best for heavy flow, overnight, menthol fresh for clean and fresh experience. Thus, you can find Sofy to be the best support for managing your periods.

Sofy Antibacteria range comes with deep absorbent sheet that absorbs deeply and quickly to prevents leakage. It also comes with Antibacterial sheet which gives 99.9% bacteria protection and keeps you safe & hygienic during your periods. It has natural herbs fragrance that gives you no worry of smell.

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