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SOFY Pantyliner Cool

Pantyliner Cool 155 mm

Even during non period days, there are times when all women have vaginal discharge/ menstural spotting issues. Pantyliners make sure that you remain clean, hygienic and fresh during those days as well.

SOFY Pantyliner Cool gives a cool & fresh feeling with no worry of warm, stuffy, sticky feeling, bad smell from discharge/ spotting even on non period days

Pantyliners can be used for:

  • Daily Vaginal Discharge: this is white discharge which women face as a part of the menstrual cycle few days after periods during ovulation days.
  • Menstrual Spotting: few days before or after periods
  • Pantyliners are used to get rid of issues like: wetness, unhygienic feeling, unpleasant odour, stickiness, panty spoiling
  • Wing/Non Wing: No wing
  • Thickness: Super thin & comfortable

Available in

Quick Absorb Pores

It has Quick Absorbs Pores that absorbs the discharge/menstrual spots to keep your panty clean.

Super Thin

The panty liners are so thin, that you won’t even know it’s there. It feels just like a part of your panties.

Minty Fresh Fragrance

Thanks to the fragrance of the panty liners, you are left with a fresh feeling throughout the day.