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SOFY Pantyliner Cool

Pantyliner Cool 155 mm

Even during non period days, there are times when all women have vaginal discharge/ menstural spotting issues. Pantyliners make sure that you remain clean, hygienic and fresh during those days as well.

SOFY Pantyliner Cool gives a cool & fresh feeling with no worry of warm, stuffy, sticky feeling, bad smell from discharge/ spotting even on non period days

Pantyliners can be used for:

  • Daily Vaginal Discharge: this is white discharge which women face as a part of the menstrual cycle few days after periods during ovulation days.
  • Menstrual Spotting: few days before or after periods
  • Pantyliners are used to get rid of issues like: wetness, unhygienic feeling, unpleasant odour, stickiness, panty spoiling
  • Wing/Non Wing: No wing
  • Thickness: Super thin & comfortable

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Quick Absorb Pores

Quick Absorb Pores

It has Quick Absorbs Pores that absorbs the discharge/menstrual spots to keep your panty clean.

Super Thin panty liners feels comfortable just like your panty

Super Thin

The panty liners are so thin, that you won’t even know it’s there. It feels just like a part of your panties.

Clean & confident feeling everyday, quick absorb which absorbs discharge / menstrual spots to keep your panty clran


Here is quick step-by-step usage of Sanitary Pads