PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

Conceiving with PCOS

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Though an irregular period is a common sign of PCOS, a lot of women with PCOS have regular periods. Only when trying to conceive most women realize that they have PCOS, and it is the reason why they are facing a challenge getting pregnant. PCOS is the most common cause […]

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Having periods twice in a month: Causes and Treatment

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When females are experiencing bleeding after they have received their first period, it is important to check if it is menstrual bleeding or spotting. One can differentiate with the color of the discharge since spotting is dark red/brown and menstrual blood is bright red in color. If the bleeding is […]

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What is PCOD? How it affects your menstrual cycle

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Remember you studied the human body and its various systems in school? Our menstrual health is part of the reproductive system, and it works very closely with the endocrine system to maintain it. Just like we have two eyes, two ears, two kidneys, we have two ovaries, the main female […]

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How to regulate periods with PCOS with natural home remedies

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A woman’s menstrual cycle, on an average is usually of 28 days, but since not every woman’s cycle is the same, the days can vary from 24-38 days as well. However, if you are someone whose period time keeps changing on a regular basis and they end up sometimes coming […]

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Are PCOS and Diabetes connected?

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It has long been speculated that both diabetes and PCOS are connected in some way or the other. Where on one end PCOS ends up upsetting a woman’s endocrine system, it has also been known that insulin resistance could be one cause of PCOS. It is believed, insulin resistance which […]

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