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Lifestyle Changes for treating Endocrine Disorders

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PCOS and PCOD are lifestyle disorders which can be treated with some alterations made in the lifestyle and diet. Girls suffering from PCOS/PCOD often face issues with reproduction, reduced ovulation, irregular menstrual cycles and high levels of testosterone hormones. This disease also increases the risk factors for diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Below are a few lifestyle changes to be adopted in order to control the symptoms:

  • To manage PCOS and PCOD symptoms, it is important to start avoiding a sedentary lifestyle. It is because a sedentary lifestyle is responsible for building an insulin resistance and creating hormonal imbalance. To lessen the effect of PCOS/POCD on the body, girls should avoid sitting for long hours and slouching for a longer time while watching the TV. Choosing an active lifestyle is one step forward in controlling the symptoms of ovarian diseases.
  • Reducing the intake of sugar and carbohydrates is crucial because the disease of PCOS/PCOD creates insulin resistance in the body because of which the blood sugar levels are not controlled. Instead of carbohydrates, one should focus on consuming foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fish and high fiber grains. Low glycemic index foods allow the body to release insulin slowly which gets used as energy instead of getting stored as fat. High-fiber foods are important to be consumed in order to control blood sugar levels.
  • Controlling your weight while undergoing the problem of PCOD/PCOS is the most important step since obesity comes along with the disease in most cases. To control the weight, girls should start exercising daily. Exercising also helps in controlling the problem of insulin resistance. Exercising should be done with the aim of building muscles and reducing fat so that there is less insulin resistance. Regular exercise patterns increase the energy level in the body, improve ovulation and fertility. Doing brisk walks and weight lifting helps in managing the weight.
  • De-stressing is another important step towards controlling the symptoms of ovarian diseases. Stress disturbs the digestion process because it alters the quality of acid secreted to digest the food. Stress in daily lives can be managed with proper planning of working hours, pursuing hobbies and taking out some leisure time. Taking frequent breaks also helps in relaxing the body and the mind.
  • Fixing meal timings helps in maintaining a healthy balance of the body and metabolism. One should do their breakfast, lunch and dinner at fixed timings to maintain the metabolism of the body.

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