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6 Proven Home Remedies to Relieve Period Pain

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Dealing with menstrual cramps and period pain can be an added health woe every month for women. While it might seem easy and accessible to take pain pills, it might not be a healthful choice to manage period pain.  A healthy lifestyle, nutritious diet, exercise, sleep, and home remedies can […]

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6 Things to Pack While Travelling During Periods

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If you love travelling, do not let your period stop you. While travelling during your periods can seem inconvenient, a little planning can go a long way!  Let’s face it ladies, stomach cramps or back pain while hiking or trekking might not be fun. You don’t have to restrict all […]

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Ways You Can Use A Panty Liner This Summer

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Most of us have a kind of love-hate relationship with summers in India. We love the sun, the watermelons, mangoes, and the pool parties, but humidity and the sweat-storm quickly diminish our affection. Sunday brunches and summer picnics are some of the favourite summer staples. But has it ever happened […]

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Tampons vs pantyliners: the difference

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It’s shark week, you gear up all the weapons you need to fight it. From tampons to menstrual cups, from heating pads to strips of Advil. You believe it is going to be a messy one, thus, prepping yourself for the harrowing week ahead. You go to the washroom, check […]

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Tips to cope with period pain during your exams

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Periods bring with it symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, severe pain, food cravings, headache and other bodily changes. Amidst all these changes, it becomes difficult for one to concentrate and study for the exam. PMS symptoms can put a lot of stress along with the pressure of exams. Painful periods […]

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