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How to select the perfect pad for yourself

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Selecting the right pad for one self may require a few trials and errors so you are able to reach a consensus as to which you are most comfortable in and along with comfort, which offers you the best protection.

What one needs to remember however is that you should not beat yourself up over how you are handling your yourself during periods. You have to realize that for every woman, her handling of the situation and how her body reacts to it different.

Hence the need for different kind of pads are available in the market.

Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind when choosing a pad for the first time:

  • In he beginning, when you first get your period, your best and safest bet might be a regular size pad.
  • Observe and see whether the regular pad seems to be filling up and becoming heavier too quickly.
  • In this case, switching to a more absorbent and a bigger pad might be the answer
  • Since it does not necessarily mean that your flow will be the same all through your period, you need to figure out what kind of pad works with what kind of flow.
  • You can also think of using a more absorbent pad during the night time as the flow is much heavier when you are sleeping.
  • These pads, that are especially made for night time are wider and longer at the back to help prevent any leakages.
  • The most common ones in the market nowadays are the ones with wings.
  • These wings help make sure that the pad stays in place all through and thus prevents leakages and stains effectively.
  • Other than this, most of the pads available in the market today also have odour control in them leaving you feeling clean and fresh.
  • The first rile of choosing a pad is to understand your body first and what it is comfortable in.
  • Understanding your cycle comes next, so you are able to choose the best pad according to your flow.

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