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You’ll Have A Giggle With These Myths About Tampons!

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You’ve heard them time and time again. Your aunt, elder sisters and even your mom (Let’s not even talk about the men right now) avoid talking about tampons as if you just enquired about robbing a bank. If it were up to them, robbing a bank is probably better than talking about tampons!

Tampons are a hard sell when it comes to convincing your family. It’s next to impossible to have a proper conversation around tampons and we feel you. Everyone’s got the wrong opinions about them without any logic supporting them. For them tampons are dangerous and not something a woman should be introduced to. Just have a chat with them once and see how many ridiculous theories they come up with.

We list out a few of the crazy ones below:

  • “You’ll Lose Your Virginity!”- What? No! That is not true. You don’t lose your virginity if you wear a tampon. Even if your hymen breaks that doesn’t constitute you losing your virginity. You need to have proper intercourse to do so. Tampons absorb your menstrual blood and nothing more. They are comfortable to wear for a shorter stint.
  • “They Can Easily Fall Out. You’ll feel the lug on you all the time”- They’re not bulky such that you feel like you’re carrying anything. They’re made of light and soft materials that fit in easily into your vagina. You won’t even feel heavy while you wear them.
  • “They’ll get lost inside!”- It’s just getting ridiculous by the minute now, right? Your vagina is not an endless abyss. At most a vaginal canal is 5 inches in depth ending at the cervix. So you need not worry about anything getting lost inside.
  • “They’re dangerous for your vagina.”- This is a common myth that tampons contain toxins and are made of harmful materials that can cause all sorts of irritations and complications in your vagina. There has been no evidence to suggest the same. You can safely assume that tampons are safe.
  • “It’s a TSS magnet.”- Toxic Shock Syndrome is something that doesn’t happen as often talked about. Very rarely does it affect women as long as they don’t keep them inside for too long. As long as you use a tampon for not more than 8 hours, you’re good to go.
  • “You can’t wear that thing in the water.”- Quite the contrary! Tampons won’t inflate when you’re wearing them in water and float out of your body. We suggest that you change your tampon once you’re done with your swim.
  • “You can’t pee with that thing inside!” Of course you can! Why would you even believe otherwise? The passage for urination and the vaginal canal are different. So you can easily wear your tampons and pee comfortably.

Crazy, right? We just chuckled amongst ourselves. Tampons aren’t dangerous at all. The lack of its knowledge probably is.

Being careful with what goes into your vagina is always a given. It’s your hygiene after all. But the right knowledge on how to use them will definitely go a long way in your journey to having a much more comfortable time during your periods. Give tampons a go, we don’t judge…as should be the case!

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