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Pads & Pantyliners: How They Are Different!

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You know what pads are. You’ve been hearing and talking about them ever since you hit puberty. We come across this question a lot. And don’t worry, it’s not you alone. People can be confused about what product to use when. So let’s clear out the obvious confusion first. Sanitary […]

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Out Of Sanitary Pads? Try These Alternatives In The Meanwhile!

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Oh no!! Did you run just run out of pads? What happened to that secret stash you had kept for emergencies? That’s MIA too? What’re we gonna do? How did women survive in the days before pads and tampons? HOW?? OMG we’re gonna die!! OK OK, let’s calm down! We […]

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Ever Used A Tampon? It’s Time You Did

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Your weekend plans were all sorted till, but just then, you got that familiar feeling. Your periods decide to come knocking. And so begins your search through your bag and wardrobe for sanitary pads. Yes, pads have been the best friend that your mom introduced you to when you just […]

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Disposing of Your Hygiene Products Safely

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You’ve used your current tampons, you’re done with your sanitary pads and now you’re in a dilemma; “Where should I throw these things away?”. “Oh, maybe I can just flush them down the toilet or just throw it in the trash.”…..No! Please, don’t ever do that. It’s one thing that […]

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Curious About What Sanitary Napkins Are Made Of? We Clear The Doubts

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You’ve been using them since your prepubescent days, you have sworn by them on the days when your periods have made life uncomfortable for you. Sanitary pads come in all shapes and sizes. But have you ever wondered what materials go into making them the way they are? The first […]

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