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Things to carry when you are on your period

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Dealing with that time of the month for any woman can be difficult, no doubt, but a few things can actually make a huge difference when it comes to making your periods easier to deal with.

Being prepared for the arrival of your menses when you are on the go and are not in the comfort of your own home is extremely important, and by merely keeping some things in particular with you, you can literally have an easier time dealing with it.

Here is a list of things that you ought to have with you when you know your periods could arrive any day.

  • The Obvious:
    You will never be able to deal with your periods if you do not have the basic supplies with you on the day of. Simplest of things like keeping a few pads or tampons handy with you can make a world of difference and obviously help you deal with the day better.

    You could even keep different types of pads with you that can help you deal with the kind of flow that you might experience on the beginning of your periods. From extra long ones and pads that absorb a heavier flow, to the ones that are meant for the lighter flow days, carrying different kind of pads can make a world of difference during your periods,

  • Pain-Killers:
    Painful menses are the worst, no doubt, and when you are on the go, pain together with your menses can really be a mood and health dampener. To ensure that you are comfortable during the onset of your period, it is always a good idea to carry with you a couple of pain killers.
    However, before you do decide to pop any pill whatsoever, it is always better that you consult with your gynaecologist regarding which would be the best fit for you. Your doctor, then, by keeping all your medical history in mind, would be able to suggest the best solution and medicine for you.
  • Pot-liners or hygiene sprays:
    It is never easy to use the public loo even on normal days when your period has not come knocking, but using loos during that time of the  month can be downright irritating and quite a scary thought honestly. The thought that you might contract disease causing germs or bacteria by using a loo that has been used by many can  scare anyone.

    Here is where the hygiene sprays and pot liners come to the rescue. The sprays guarantee that they kill almost 99% of bacteria that might be present on the public commode and alternatively, the pot-liners become a barrier between your skin and the commode itself. These two can literary help you feel safer and cleaner post he usage of a public loodu during your periods.

  • Spare underwear:
    God forbid that you are not able to reach a loo in time to put on a pad then you know you are in a world of pain and embarrassment. No one wants to wear stained underwear when they are on their periods, let along wanting to fix a pad onto it.

    Keeping a spare underwear handy with you when you are not in the comfort of your own home, can be a brilliant saviour when you think about having to face such a situation instead. The cleaner the underwear you decide to use, the more hygienic you will feel.

  • Stain Remover:
    Each and every woman, at least once in her life, has been unlucky enough to stain her clothes while on her period. When one is at home in such a situation, then one can easily change into something cleaner. But what happens when you are not at home?

    Having a stain remover handy can be quite helpful and keep you away from a lot of embarrassment in such cases.

You can also check out pouches that are available in the market specifically  made for the purpose of carrying your pads and other essentials in. Try picking a few of these pouches up, so you don’t have to carry that bulky bag of yours all the way to the loo next time.

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