Period Guide

6 Yoga postures to ease PMS symptoms

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If you experience severe PMS symptoms like menstrual cramps, bloating, tiredness, headaches, anxiety, back pains, every month, a regular yoga practice can not only help ease the symptoms but also reduce and banish its occurrence drastically. Yoga helps improve blood circulation, revitalizes every cell with oxygen and thereby helps to […]

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How long does the first period last + how much time does it take for the first period to get stabilised

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When a girl receives her first period (menarche), the flow is usually heavy for the first few days and lighter towards the end. The first period can last for two days or for maximum of seven days, and in certain cases, there is no bleeding but only blood spots. The […]

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How Are Breast Pain And The Menstrual Cycle Linked?

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With every period that we have, we always experience a balance of two types of things – the known and the unknown. The known stuff can range from knowing that your period is going to last for 3 days or 5, that one of the tell-tale signs of your periods […]

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5 First Period Stories

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We asked a few women about their first period stories to figure out if everyone goes through the same thing. Turns out, there are some instances that have happened with quite a few, while there are others that are a little on the once in a blue moon spectrum. From […]

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What Causes Headaches During The Menstrual Cycle?

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While we face a lot of things that fall under PMS “symptoms”, period headaches are probably the worst. These headaches that Aunt Flo bring during her visits as a tag-along guest are also known as hormonal headaches. We all know how our hormones fluctuate like a crazy ball all month […]

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