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Ongoing participation in Pink Ribbon Campaign activities both in Japan and aboard

Sofy cooperates in this activity in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign is a worldwide effort for the early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer and Unicharm contributes to campaign activities in China, Taiwan and Japan.

In Taiwan, United Charm Co., Ltd. continues to participate in an annual Pink Ribbon Walk in Taipei every year. One participant commented that “This event has helped me exercise regularly, and I think it will help protect me against cancer.”

In Japan, Pink Ribbon activities are now in their sixth year. A Unicharm employee participating in the Pink Ribbon Smile Walk in October 2013 felt the importance of participating when approached by a pedestrian. “The person asked what I was doing, and it felt good to be able to explain about the Pink Ribbon Campaign.” Unicharm raised funds for the campaign through the Pink Ribbon Whispering Fund, which raised money for a related charitable organization when consumers clicked on a link for the Sofy feminine care product website.