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Sofy cool Sanitary Napkins Super XL+ gives a Fresh Feeling with Menthol Fresh
Prevents Leakage Even on Heavy Days

Sanitary pads with 99.9%* antibacterial protection for long-lasting confidence

Don’t let period discomfort come in the way of what you do best. With SOFY sanitary napkins say hi to longer protection that works even on heavy flow days. Explore our range of sanitary pads online and stay sorted with SOFY.

Experience The SOFY Difference

Leakage Protection with Hygiene

Feel relaxed and confident everyday with SOFY. Our deep absorption sanitary pads lock in fluid to prevent leaks, while natural herbs eliminate odours, giving you 99% protection against bacteria for worry-free freshness.

Period & Non Period Hygiene

Stay hygienic and comfortable all day long with our range of Sanitary Napkins and Pantyliners, perfect for both period and non-period days.

Project Jagriti: Nurturing Dreams

Jagriti reflects our commitment to uplift and embrace the potential within every woman. Through promoting awareness and access to hygiene products and resources, we aim to nurture her health, confidence and financial independence.


Keep calm and stay confident like Sara with SOFY sanitary pads. 30% more absorption means prevents leaks, no stress #SaraSortedWithSOFY . Sara said yes to confidence with SOFY. Now do more with +30% more absorption. #SaraSortedWithSOFY

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Product Range

Stay confident and comfortable on your period days with deep absorption sanitary pads from SOFY. Choose from our antibacterial pads or bodyfit overnight pads which prevents leaks.

Worried about spotting on your non period days? Try from our range of SOFY pantyliner pads with quick absorption pores and stay fresh all day long.


Project Jagriti aims to make Indian rural women independent by providing them livelihood opportunities and at the same time increasing the Awareness of Menstrual Hygiene in the villages to ensure safe period management.

Our products are developed using advanced Japanese technology to provide you the best sanitary hygiene products.


Flow Forward with Period Education

The onset of puberty brings with it a few challenges for young girls, biggest one being menstrual hygiene. At SOFY we believe every young woman should embrace her period with confidence and comfort. Our comprehensive period guide empowers girls to take charge of their health and well-being. From understanding the menstrual cycle to choosing the right menstrual hygiene products. Explore now to get the power of period on your side.

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