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Different Discharges: What Do They Say About Your Body?

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As a female human being with a few years of menstrual experience behind you, you would know that the female body is quite simply put- amazing. We can give birth, go through a menstruation period month on month- honestly every month, survive repeated bouts of waxing, shaving, bleaching, threading, the list is endless. And we go through it- albeit cribbing and complaining, but to be honest, it’s a lot. No one else goes through all that. But we do. In short, we’re amazing!

That rousing speech aside, as experienced menstruating women, you must also be aware of the different kinds of discharges that the vagina produces. Right?

If not. It’s cool. We’ll tell you.

Vaginal discharge is an extremely normal and healthy occurrence in women. It actually serves an important function in the female reproductive system. Normal vaginal discharge should be clear, mucoid, odourless, non-itchy and most importantly colourless. These fluids that can be anywhere between clear to milky in appearance, are made within the vagina and cervix by other glands. These fluids help carry away all kinds of bacteria and dead cells, helping keep the vagina clean and infection free.

Every individual goes through different levels of vaginal discharges and secretions. These discharges can smell different and even have varying thicknesses on a day to day basis. These characteristics are dependent on multiple things including your menstrual cycle, whether you’re pregnant or breastfeeding to whether you’ve bathed or if you are sexually aroused.

Cervical Fluid or Mucus

Cervical mucus is a clear gel-like fluid or liquid that is produced by the cervix. The consistency and characteristics of this fluid change on the basis of your menstrual cycle and if you fall pregnant. This cervical mucus produced by the cervix is mainly controlled by the estrogen hormone. As we’ve mentioned before, estrogen is one of the key hormones responsible for some of the changes you see during your menstrual cycle. The main concern of the cervical mucus is to change according to your cycle in order to support the possibility of conception. The basic distinctions of cervical fluid are:

  1. Zero: Dry to the touch or slightly damp.
  2. Egg White: To the touch, it will feel wet, sticky and elastic.
  3. Wet: On your fingers, this is very wet and slippery.  

Arousal Fluid

Female arousal fluid occurs in response to the human body sensing a sexual urge or attraction. When this happens there is increased blood flow to genitalia including the vaginal walls, causing the fluid to pass through them. This is the main source of lubrication in female genitalia. Making the tissues wet and providing lubrication.

But let’s be clear. If you feel that you may be experiencing excessive discharge or if there is a change in your vaginal discharge’s color, texture or if it has a foul odor, then please go see a doctor. When it comes to your vagina’s health it is best to visit a licensed practitioner at the earliest, regardless of how insignificant the change may seem to you. Prevention is always better.

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