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Female Genitalia Things You Should Know

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We know that the world is fascinated with female genitalia. Whether it is entertainment or research, people really want to know what’s happening down there and in there. How it looks, how it smells, how it works and why it works the way it does. But do you know everything there is to know about the female genitalia, as a female, we mean? Chances are that you probably don’t know more than the everyday humdrum things that you think you should know. So, here we are once again, giving you the BTS goss on all things genitalia in a female body.

SO. Let us start!

What Do You See?

The outer part of your genitalia, the one that you can see is actually known as the vulva and not the vagina. The vulva refers to the outside, visible parts of your genitalia. It includes pretty much everything that you can see from your labia to the clitoris, to the urethra and your vaginal opening. The vagina on the other hand is a muscular passageway that connects your vulva to your cervix.

Vaginas and Vulvas Vary From person To Person

As we’ve mentioned before the female genitalia is a complex and individual thing and can vary from person to person. They can come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and it is normal. Just like your facial features, your genitalia are exclusive to you. There is no one size fits all here ladies and boy are we glad.

Your Clitoris Is More Iceberg than Button

While we often use the word button when we mention the clitoris, it’s actually quite literally the tip of the iceberg. The part that you can see is just one part, the total organ actually extend within your body and includes thousands of tiny little nerves that extend down underneath the skin and along either side of the vulva and can be stimulated by the tip known as the clitoris.

Your Vagina Can Expand To Twice Its Normal Size

When women become aroused, there’s more muscular tension in the body, which leads to vaginal tenting. What is vaginal tenting you ask? Well, the muscular tension mentioned above is what draws your uterus upwards during arousal. This in turn creates more space in the vagina (vaginal tract) lengthwise, hence expanding it in size. Interesting right?

Not All Women Are Born With a Hymen

As we’ve mentioned before the hymen is subjective to the individual to whom it belongs so the thickness and coverage can vary. But there are some women who are naturally born without a hymen, similar to those who’re born with an imperforate one. But since there’s no way to run a hymen check per se you never really know whether you’ve broken it, have had it rubbed away with time or were simply born without one.

Unfortunately Vaginas DO Tear During Childbirth but No Need to Panic

Hold the door guys; there is no need to panic. It is perfectly normal for vaginal deliveries to include tearing or require an incision. It’s okay. This is a normal part of childbirth and the female body is designed to bounce back from it right as rain. The vagina is an extremely resilient organ and due to a very strong blood supply that is more than ample, it can heal much quicker than other parts of your body.

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