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How to keep your vagina cool and healthy this summer?

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Yes, it’s time to jump in the pool and enjoy your favorite ice cream. However, the scorching heat and the summer winds can sometimes leave you dehydrated and dry. And that holds true for your vagina too. As the temperature soars high, some of your seemingly harmless habits might actually be working against your vaginal health. Read on to know if you are unintentionally messing up with your vagina this summer and how to undo it.

Clean, but don’t overdo it

While it is essential to keep your vagina clean, overdoing it may cause problems. Your vagina is a self-cleaning organ, a gentle wash with water is all that is needed on your behalf. Using soap or body wash can disturb the pH balance and cause irritation. If you feel the need for using soap, choose a mild one and apply on the area around the vagina, making sure that it doesn’t go inside.

Opt for cotton, not a synthetic fabric

Synthetic materials block the heat and cause itching and rashes around the private parts. It is best to wear cotton panties. Cotton is a breathable fabric and allows free airflow to keep you dry. So use cotton panties for daily wear and keep your nylon thongs and lace panties for occasional wear.

Say no to Scented products

Anything that comes in contact with your vagina should be perfume-free, especially if you have sensitive skin. Be it detergents for washing your delicate or hygiene products like tampons, opt for the non-perfumed ones.
Washing your delicates is more important than you realize. Your underwear is always in contact with your tender skin absorbing all the sweat and bacteria. Washing it well is important. But if you use a harsh detergent, any chemical remains on the panty can result in problems.

Scented tampons also account for skin irritation. As they are placed inside the vagina, tampons can cause skin irritation and infections. It’s best to switch to a non-fragrant one.

Avoid sitting for extended hours

It’s important to move around every hour or two for your vaginal health. Sitting for prolonged hours especially in summers will block air movement around the genitals, increase heat and create a sweaty moist environment which fosters bacterial growth.

You can try using talcum powder on the inner thighs to control sweating but do not use it on the vagina. It will again disturb the pH balance and cause irritation. Even when you are sitting in air-conditioned rooms or offices, the situation isn’t much better. We tend to drink less water when in A/C. This reduced intake of fluids causes dehydration which leads to vaginal dryness and burning down there.

Loose comfortable clothes

Tight clothes like wearing skin fit jeans for long periods isn’t good for your vagina as it completely restricts air flow. The heat and sweaty clothes make a breeding ground for bacterial growth. Wear loose fit clothes and when you wear tight clothes during the day, at least at night while sleeping skip the underwear, give your vagina some time to breathe.

When you hit the gym, try using panty liners. It will absorb all the sweat and keep you dry and clean. After exercising don’t forget to freshen up and change to lose comfortable clothes.

Increased sweating in summers often leads to vaginal problems. In summers it is even more important to change the sanitary napkins or tampons frequently on your period days to avoid inflammation and soreness.  Just following these simple pointers will keep your vagina cool and healthy and save you a lot of trouble this summer season.

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