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Ways To Prevent Vaginal Infections And Odor Problems

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Hello ladies! Let’s talk about hush-hush things that happen to our vaginas that are supernormal and perfectly natural. Yes, that’s right! We’re all a little guilty of being uncomfortable and awkward when it comes to talking about vaginal infections or addressing vaginal odor issues when it’s completely natural for it to happen. For all you ladies who still think they are uncomfortable about having infections and odor, let us run you through some fast facts.

  • Most women get yeast infection once in a lifetime, at least.
  • It’s completely normal to have a vaginal odor.
  • Vaginas have a natural odor so you do you, girl!
  • Your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like roses and taste like mangoes.
  • Each vaginal odor and nature of infection can differ from one another.

Developing vaginal infections can be a miserable experience and you wouldn’t want to face it twice, fosho. So, in that case, preventing the same could be the best scenario for y’all. While dealing with vaginal odor, anything that isn’t persistent and strong, it’s perfectly normal and nothing to be ashamed about. Now that we have made you comfortable with the prevalence and normalcy of having vaginal infections and bad odor, let’s look at some easy-peasy ways to prevent the same.

Clean And Keep It Dry
Frequent dampness and moisture can create in your vagina if not taken care of. Giving space for the bacteria and viruses to breathe, you can develop symptoms like itching, redness, rashes, frequent discharge and even bad odor that can lead to vaginal infections. So, the key here is to keep it clean and dry down there. Never stay too long in wet or damp clothes, be careful when working out regularly and always wipe front to back as doing the other way could increase the chance of bacteria transmission.

No Scented Products:
Oh yes! As much as it tempts you, know that your vagina isn’t supposed to smell like lavender and anything that makes it smell like one is gonna be harsh on your vagina and it’s going to do nasty stuff to you. For instance, when using perfumed soaps or body washes, the scents and chemicals in these products may upset your vagina’s natural pH. Bar soaps may be gentler than body wash, but warm water is enough, gals! So, preventing yourself from washing your vagina with anything other than water is going to save you from a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Watch Your Diet, Girl!
Sorry to break it to you but it’s true when they say ‘you are what you eat’. When you find out you’re smelling different down there, changing your diet a tad bit can be a game-changer here. A few things that you can include in your diet are low-starch vegetables and fruits, probiotics such as yogurt help in keeping the good bacteria in your vagina. One thing that you need to cut down in your diet is sugar. Yes, Yeast just loves sugar but we need to love it a little less because we love our vaginas more, right? These are a few changes in your diet that can help prevent infection and odor existence in your vagina. But wait! None of these food items should be put on your vagina, no matter how bad the symptoms are. Don’t judge us, we’re just putting it out there.

Adopt A Hygienic Lifestyle
Overall hygiene, pals! We all know how much it matters and how beneficial it can be in the long run. Our mothers swear by it and our gynaec is tired of stressing on it so it’s pretty much a Nuff Said situation, right! So, let’s run through them once again in case we still miss out on them.

  • Choose the right underwear. Cotton over anything else. Sleeping without underwear can also be helpful.
  • After using the toilet, wipe from front to back to avoid spreading yeast or bacteria.
  • Don’t wear swimsuits for long. Wearing a wet swimsuit will spread yeast as it keeps things damp and wet.
  • Don’t wear very tight clothes as they restrict airflow.
  • Change tampons and pads regularly. 4.5 hours.
  • Don’t be a Doucher! Avoid douches and any quite perfumed sprays, powders, or tampons.

Know When To See A Doctor
This one is probably the most important way to not make your symptoms worse. We strongly discourage becoming our own doctors and self-prescribing us for infections. Since the vagina cleans itself, its mild symptoms are likely to go away in a couple of days but when they get worse, it’s time for you to seek help. Coming to vaginal odor, if your vaginal odor is stronger than normal and seems to be getting stronger, you’ll need a meeting. Persistent odors could be signs of a problem that’s not improving. You may need your doctor to prescribe medication or prescription treatment. Similarly, if you’re frequently suffering from infections, then it’s imperative to see a doctor.

Being at utmost peace with your vagina feels like a privilege when your vagina keeps acting up in ways like developing symptoms that lead to infections and bad odor. It’s important to embrace to not be harsh on yourself and your body when that happens. It’s completely normal to catch bacterial infections even when you maintain overall menstrual hygiene. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be careful of. With Sofy AntiBacteria Pads, you can prevent potential vaginal infections and stay healthy.

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