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Five Reasons Why Soft Pads Are The Best For Summer

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The hot and sweltering summer days make everyone turn for their most comfortable clothing. But what about what pads you should go for?

Add heat and humidity to the mix while you’re on your periods and it becomes quite a challenging time. So, a good solution would be to go for cotton pads. Not only does this permeable material allow proper air circulation, it’s gentle on the skin. Thus lowering the likelihood of bacterial infections.

Here are five reasons why soft sanitary pads are perfect for the summer:


The summer heat leaves us all feeling a little irritable during periods. Wearing cotton pads is a good option as they provide much needed softness and comfort.


As mentioned earlier, soft sanitary pads are permeable, allowing air to circulate through the vaginal area and curbing bacterial growth. So, say goodbye to irritating rashes. The inability of the skin to breathe properly can also increase the ph level of the area near the vagina. Hence, wear pads that provide proper breathability.


Because of cotton, soft pads can absorb period blood very effectively. This allows you to have fun in the sun without the fear of stains or leakage for a long time.

Odour Control

We tend to sweat more in the summer that can lead to bacterial growth and odour. Cotton is known for efficiently absorbing sweat. SOFY Cool Extra Long which is 290mm long in size and has menthol freshness not only uses cotton to absorb your flow but tackles sweat too. Leaving you feeling clean and fresh all day.


Soft sanitary pads are designed to be flexible, allowing them to gently contour to the shape of the body. So, whether you’re shopping at the mall or heading to work or doing chores on a sunny day, your pad will move you.

Finally, choosing the correct sanitary pad is critical for optimal personal hygiene and maximum comfort during menstruation. Explore our range of soft SOFY sanitary pads that will keep you feeling fresh throughout the day all summer.   

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