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Pads or Panty Liners & What’s the difference

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Before you’d hit puberty, sanitary products were these puzzling products that everyone older than you seemed to know and understand. Today, many months after menstruation later, sanitary products no longer need an introduction to you. Sanitary pads are absorbent napkins that are worn inside your panties to soak up menstrual blood. They are often made of cotton or soft material and come in many different shapes and sizes.

Pads have been your period partners for a long time now but you may be wondering what a panty liner is and how it’s different from sanitary napkins. Often, people think that panty liners and pads are the same, but that is not the case. They not only look different but have specific uses too. But don’t worry. By the end of this blog, all your questions about panty liners will be answered.

So, what are panty liners? Panty liners are like slimmer mini pads, made up of a thin absorbent material just like pads. Much like pads, they have to be stuck to the underwear to absorb vaginal discharge or light menstrual flow. Let’s elaborate on the advantages of both pads and panty liners to better understand when to use which product.

1. Absorbency 

This one’s pretty simple. When experiencing heavy flow, using sanitary pads is the way to go. Pads are longer and have a multi-layer absorbent sheet that prevents leakage during heavy flow days. On the contrary, panty liners have a thinner absorbent layer that works best when used to soak lighter flow or common vaginal discharge.  

2. Suitable for your Body type

Everyone has a different body type and shape, which is why sanitary products come in a variety of sizes and shapes so that they suit specific body types. Larger sanitary pads have wings which are suitable for leakage protection during heavy flow days. On the other hand, panty Liners are smaller in size and thinner in material, so they can be worn every day, including non-period days, without any discomfort. SOFY Daily Fresh Pantyliners enables you to feel fresh and confident throughout the day.

To maintain hygiene, we need to change pads at least once every 5-6 hrs. Panty liners need to be changed every 3-4 hrs depending upon vaginal discharge, menstrual discharge, or spotting. Pantyliners are slowly and steadily becoming an integral part of a woman’s everyday life.  Pads cannot be worn daily due to their bulk and pantyliners cannot take a pad’s place because they can’t absorb flow as well as a thick pad can. It ultimately depends upon personal preference, requirements, and individual needs. Sofy AntiBacteria Pantyliners, Sofy Cool Pantyliners and Sofy Daily Fresh Pantyliners are the 3 pantyliners which are available for your lovelies. You should choose either of them according to your period flow and what is best for you.