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Covid-19 Vaccination And Periods: Myth And Facts

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We’ll perhaps never understand that a normal physiological process be shuffled across so many misconceptions, just as if it is folklore.

Menstrual cycles are harrowing enough for a lot of us, considering it’s almost equal to letting our guards down. From being prey to spiritual biases for ages to being prey to the contemporary world, we have come a long way in fighting our inhibitions.

Having said that, currently, we’re experiencing the worst time in our lives. The worldwide pandemic has permeated well into every household globally and every country has been making efforts to fight this through.

The vaccination drive began in January 2021; which even though was a relief for many, became something for the Whatsapp University to devour on. Spreading rumors and fake news took social media by its neck; discouraging people into not taking the vaccine. Rumors such as getting infected due to the vaccine, death after 2 years of getting vaccinated, or even the virus causing infertility in men and women. All these bizarre allegations have been making the rounds on social media, misleading people, and causing hindrance to the whole idea of a vaccination drive.

In between this fiasco, our attention was to one such rumor that women who menstruate, shouldn’t be taking the vaccine five days before their periods and during their periods. This one spread like wildfire; so much so, doctors and health experts had to start posting over social media to negate this claim collectively.

Well, coming back to the question, “Can you get vaccinated during your periods?”. To candidly answer this, ah-yes you can. Your periods have nothing to do with the vaccinations. It is a natural normal physiological procedure that doesn’t change anything in your body. There is zero scientific data or statement that claims the Covid-19 vaccination to be hazardous for menstruating women.

Certain myths revolve around this particular claim;

  • Menstruating women should not take the vaccine as it will lead to acute pain and excessive bleeding.
  • You should avoid getting your vaccination during your periods and five days before your periods.
  • It can lead to female infertility.

The only thing that can affect your cycle is the stress you gain after reading these preposterous claims. After taking the vaccination you might fall sick for a day or two but that is how it works for everyone. Each of us has fallen sick after taking the vaccine since it works around the body to make it boost our immunity. The vaccine does not lower your immunity if you take it during your periods. There is no correlation between these two phenomena. Other vaccines were never prohibited during periods, then why now? There is no concrete scientific data about this and ladies we’d expect you to stay away from such news. The vaccine is safe for all. Yes, there are some limitations when we speak about pregnant and breastfeeding women. They are advised to consult their doctors before taking the vaccination because exposure is one such risk that they should be concerned about for themselves and their children.

The reaction to the vaccine has been linear for everyone. In no way, you can experience something off the charts if you get vaccinated during your periods. We all know periods in general, vary for every woman. The PMSing is different, or not there in many cases. Women go through different phases of period pain, sickness, etc. That’s another debate altogether.

However, it is been reiterated again and again by the government as well as health experts that Covid-19 vaccination has nothing to do with your menstrual cycles. In case you still have doubts, visit your doctor or seek consultation for satisfactory decision-making. The vaccine is mandatory for everyone; there is no saying “no” to the vaccine. The slots are scarce already, let’s channel our energies into getting one than entertaining false claims.

The pandemic has been everything but easy on us. More than a requirement it is a request from the government and the health experts to you, to get vaccinated as and when you get the slot. Periods already get its share of the bad press. Why mess it up more based on lies?


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